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This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136. For the latest version of SysCAD, please see Tools Command Summary

Tools Command Icon Shortcut Key Brief Description Full Documentation Link
General Options GeneralOptionButton.png CtrlKey.png+A Opens the General Options Dialog box. The following options are available:
  • General : Various project options.
  • More : Various project options.
  • Find : Various options for Find Query
  • Toolbars: Used to configure the toolbars.
  • Project: Various project options.
  • Trends: Contains Trend Window settings.
  • Graphics: Contains Graphics settings
  • Drawing : Contains default drawing settings
  • Colours: Graphics Window display colour options
  • Mouse: Used to assign mouse click actions
See General Options 9.3 for more information.
Reports Reportbutton.png CtrlKey.png+R Used for exchanging data with Excel, either to export data from SysCAD to Excel, or to import data from Excel into SysCAD. See Adding and Executing Excel Reports for more information.
Command Scripts Used to load and run command script files See Command Scripts more information.
Browse Historian Tag Old way to access the historian. Archive is a better alternative. See Historian and Archive Reporter for more information.
Archive Options Icon Archive.png The Archive Options dialog box shows the tables that have been created and their frequency of data recording. See Archive Options and Archive Reporter Options for more information.
OPC Server Options The OPC Options will list a summary of the communication between the packages connected using OPC. See OPC Server Options and OPC_Server for more information.
DDE Options The DDE Options will list a summary of the communication between the packages connected using DDE. See DDE Options and DDE for more information.
License Information LicenseInfoButton.png Lists the current license information, which include information such as the expiry date, SysCAD options and restrictions. See also Licensing for more information on SysCAD licensing.