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This Page uses SysCAD 9.3 Syntax, for SysCAD 9.2 Syntax, please see Table lookup using Array and Matrix 9.2

PGM FILE - Look up Gypsum Solubility from a Table using SysCAD 9.3 Syntax

This example shows how to look up the Gypsum solubility from a table based on Temperature and acid concentration.

A example table may look like this, note this data is for PGM demonstration purpose only, please use with caution.

Gypsum Solubility (g/L) Temperature (C)
Acid Conc (g/L) 25 30 35
0 2.12 2.11 2.10
9.8 1.77 1.82 1.88

If we have a solution at 28 dC, and acid concentration at 5 g/L, we want to look up the gypsum solubility from the above table.

  • The above table only gives temperature range in 5 deg increments, so we will use the 30 dC column. At 30 dC, we have values for gypsum solubility for acid concentration of 0 g/L and 9.8 g/L. We will use linear interpolation to obtain the solubility value at acid concentration at 5 g/L.
  • The result is therefore 2.11 + (1.82 - 2.11) * (5 - 0)/(9.8-0) = 1.96 g/L

We can define the table values directly into the PGM file, then look up the values based on the current conditions:

  1. Create two arrays with constant values, to represent row heading (acid concentration) and column heading (temperature segments)
  2. Create a matrix with constant values to represent the Gypsum solubility values.
  3. Match the current/required temperature to the nearest temperature segment
  4. Match the current/required acid concentration to obtain the gypsum solubility values from the table.
  5. Perform linear interpolation to obtain the gypsum solubility.

EXAMPLE PGM file that does the above is listed below:

;--- SysCAD General Controller (PGM) file ---
; Revision: 1     Date:  29 May 2014   Author: Kenwalt

;--- variable declarations ---

REAL    CurrentTemp@("T", "C"), TemperatureSegment@("T", "C")
REAL    CurrentAcidConc@("Conc", "g/L"), AcidConcPt1@("Conc", "g/L"), AcidConcPt2@("Conc", "g/L")
REAL    GypsumSol@("Conc", "g/L"), GypsumSolPt1@("Conc", "g/L"), GypsumSolPt2@("Conc", "g/L")

Array	Temperature = {25, 30, 35}
Array	AcidConc = {0, 9.8}
matrix  GypsumSolubility = { {2.12, 2.11, 2.10}, {1.77, 1.82, 1.88} }

LONG    RowCount@, ColCount@, TemperatureIndex@, AcidIndex@
BYTE    i, j 

REAL    modTemp, temp, temp1

Sub InitialiseSolution()
 RowCount = GypsumSolubility.GetRowCount()
 ColCount = GypsumSolubility.GetColCount()

 ; Get the current temperature and round it to the closest value of multiple 5
 CurrentTemp = ["P_003.To (C)"]
 modTemp = MOD(CurrentTemp, 5)
 TemperatureSegment= IIF(modTemp>=2.500001, ROUND(CurrentTemp+(5-modTemp)), ROUND(CurrentTemp-modTemp))
 ;limits the temperature to the maximum T defined in the array
 TemperatureSegment= MIN(Temperature[ColCount-1], TemperatureSegment) 
 ;Match the current temperature to the temperature index number (column number)
 i = 0
 While i < ColCount
       temp = Temperature[i]
       If temp == TemperatureSegment
          TemperatureIndex = i
       i = i + 1

 ;Match the current acid concentration to the acid index number (row number)
 CurrentAcidConc = ["P_003.Qo.CMC:LPh.H2SO4 (g/L)"]
 j = 0
 While j < RowCount
       temp1 = AcidConc[j]
        If temp1 >= CurrentAcidConc
           AcidIndex = j
       j = j + 1

 ;Get Gypsum Solubility using the Temperature and acid Index, and apply interpolation
 GypsumSolPt1 = GypsumSolubility.GetAt(AcidIndex-1, TemperatureIndex)
 GypsumSolPt2 = GypsumSolubility.GetAt(AcidIndex, TemperatureIndex)
 AcidConcPt1 = AcidConc[AcidIndex-1]
 AcidConcPt2 = AcidConc[AcidIndex]
 GypsumSol = GypsumSolPt1 + (GypsumSolPt2 - GypsumSolPt1) * ((CurrentAcidConc - AcidConcPt1)/(AcidConcPt2-AcidConcPt1))
$  ; --- end of file ---