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Navigation: View Command Summary -> Plant Model -> Plant Model - Project

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This page is for SysCAD 9.3, for SysCAD 9.2, please see Plant Model 9.2

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This tab page on the Plant Model Access Window has two sections:

  1. Allows a number of user defined Global parameters that can be used in Custom Calculations, PGM OR Model Procedures (MP).
    When the user wishes to access these tags, for example the first value, the tag is: PlantModel.PUV1.Value OR PM.PUV(1). (See Plant Model Class)
  2. Allows adding a Tag List to set before initialisation
    This works the same as the Set Tag List Model except that the tags are set at the very start of the initialisation process. This can be used to set tags which need to be set prior to other logic which occurs during initialisation. Some examples are page activations, controllers on/off and variables which are referenced in the calculations/logic which is part of an "If (OnInitialise)" block in a PGM.
Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description / Calculated Variables / Options

Project User Values

PUV.Count Display The maximum number of Project User Values allowed.
PUV1 Input Description for the User Input Value
PUVx Input Description for the User Input Value
PUV12 Input Description for the User Input Value

Tag List to set before initialisation

On Tickbox Enables or disables the SetTagList Block.
Status Display The status of the SetTagList with a brief summary of the file.
Folder Display The full path of the Set Tag List file.
File Input The file name of the Set Tag List. Relative File Path can be used. Note: this file must be created first. File can be txt or csv format.
Edit Button Allow the user to edit the file.
Browse Button Use this button to Browse for the file.
LogTagSets None SysCAD will not log the tag sets.
Messages SysCAD will log the tag sets in the Messages window only.
EventLog SysCAD will log the tag sets in the Event Log only.
Messages and EventLog SysCAD will log the tag sets in both the Messages window and the Event Log.
SetTags Button Use this button to Set the Tags into SysCAD.
ColumnToSet Input This specifies which column of values will be used when the tag list is set. Default value is 1 which corresponds to the first column of values.
StopOnBlankTag Tickbox SysCAD will stop searching for tags to be set after the first blank row. (Only available in Build 136.18766 or later).