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NOTE this page is only valid for SysCAD 9.3 or later versions. For Help for SysCAD 9.2, see General Statistics (SysCAD 9.2)


This model is for Dynamic simulation only.

The General Statistics unit operation can be used to collect statistical information of a selected variable, for example:

  1. level of a tank,
  2. valve opening position,
  3. pump speed or
  4. elemental flowrate of material flowing through a pipe.

For total mass flow, volumetric flow or total phase mass flow variables, use the Flow Statistics model.

NOTE: User can also use the built in Statistics block in a Tank to collect Level information.

The General Statistics can be reset at Startup by selecting the Statistics tick box on the SysCAD Commands View | Dynamic Configuration - Scenario Tab.

Data Sections

The default sections and variable names are described in detail in the following tables. The default General Statistics access window consists of 3 sections. This number may increase or decrease, based on user configuration.

Summary of Data Sections

  1. GeneralStats tab - Contains general information relating to the unit as well as a summary table of each individual statistical blocks.
  2. S1 tab - The General Statistics blocks will be displayed here.
  3. Info tab - Contains general settings for the unit and allows the user to include documentation about the unit and create Hyperlinks to external documents.

General Statistics Page

Unit Type: GeneralStats - The first tab page in the access window will have this name.

Symbol / Tag Input / Calc Description

Common Data on First Tab Page

On Tick box Enable or disable all of the independent General Stats Blocks.
The following message and field is visible when upgrading the project with existing General Stat Blocks from SysCAD 9.2 (or earlier) to SysCAD 9.3.
Change numbering to start from 1 instead of 0.
ChangeNumbering Button Update Numbering to Start from 1 instead of 0. Only visible if the General Stat Blocks was added in SysCAD 9.2 or earlier version.
NB: this may affect external tag references such as reports, PGM, please adjust the external references appropriately if updating the numbering.
Count Input The number of independent Statistics blocks required. This may be any number from 1 upwards.
CheckTags Button SysCAD will perform a check on the validity of the tags used.
ResetAll Button Resets all the data collected in the model.
Summary This is only available in SysCAD 9.3 and shows a summary table with the following values for each individual Stats block in the unit.
Sx Display The General Stats block number
Time Display The elapsed time.
Total Display The accumulative total value. Note: this is only meaningful for some variables.
Average / Avg Display The average stats over total time (including zero value time).
MeasTag Display The measured Stats tag.
TimeZero Display The total time where the unit has no value.
OnAverage / OnAvg Display The average Stats over time where unit is on (excluding zero value time).

S1 Page

Symbol / Tag Input/Calc Description/Calculated Variables / Options
Each independent Statistics block has the following layout. If there is not enough space to display all blocks on the tab page, a second tab page will be created.
Cfg.[Statistics Block number]
Name Input Optional description of the statistics block.
MeasTag Input This is the variable where statistics information will be collected. For Example:
  1. Temperature of Pipe: P_001.T (C)
  2. Tank Level: ProdTank.Lvl (%)
  3. Value Opening Position : VLV_001.Posn.Actual (%)
  4. Elemental Flowrate (where the Flow Stats unit cannot measure): P_001.Qo.QEl.H (t/s).

Note: If the tag is a time dependent variable, it MUST be recorded on a per second basis, e.g. t/s or m^3/s.
If you use any other time step, i.e. t/h, tpa, the recorded totals will be incorrect.

ResetStats Button Resets the Statistics information.
Time Calc Time elapsed.
Meas Calc The current measured value.
Total Calc The accumulative total value.
Total = previous total + (dT * measured value), where the measure value is in units specified in the StatTag.
Note: this is only meaningful for some variables.
Average / Avg Calc The average value over total time. Average = total / time in seconds.

Note: If the average value appears to be out, please check the StatTag is in per second basis, otherwise the conversion factor should be taken into account by the user.

TimeZero Calc The total time where the unit has zero-value.
TimeInvalid Calc The total time where the unit has a value which is not a number (NAN) (shown as '*').
OnAverage / OnAvg Calc The average value over total Time (excluding zero value time).
Min Calc The Minimum value collected over time.
Max Calc The Maximum value collected over time.
Delete Button This allows the user to Delete the current individual Control block. Please note that there is no 'Undo'!
MoveUp Button This allows the user to increase the Priority of the current individual Control block. For example, if the current Control block is number 3, the user can change it to 2 or 1 by clicking on this button once or twice.
MoveDown Button This allows the user to decrease the Priority of the current individual Control block. For example, if there are 3 Control blocks in the unit and the current Control block is number 1, the user can change it to 2 or 3 by clicking on this button once or twice.

Adding this Model to a Project

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Statistics: General





Statistics: General

See Project Configuration for more information on adding models to the configuration file.

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See Insert Unit for general information on inserting units.