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SysCAD 9.3 Build 139 general release was xxxxx 2021, but was used selectively from October 2020. Build 139 is the fourth major release for SysCAD 9.3.

A summary table of the SysCAD 9.3 Build 139 changes are shown below. Please click on the Table Headings for detailed page views.

New Models and Add-Ons Model Improvements Models and Species Improvements

New TPS Add-Ons:

The following new Add-ons all relate to flexible integration in SysCAD plant models of third party software performing detailed equilibrium and thermodynamic property calculations.

Previously in BETA released, they have been significantly improved in Build 139.

The direct integration of these specialist software programs in SysCAD provide a significant range of new and detailed applications in the SysCAD flowsheet simulator for a range of pyromet, hydromet and aqueous chemistry systems:

NOTE: AQSol add-on remains in BETA release, please contact us for more information.

Improved Models for each add-on:

  • Model Configuration
  • Direct Calc
  • Side Calc
  • Reactor

New Models:


Dynamic Unit Model Improvements

  • Precipitator3 Dynamic Mode - added tank level control; improved bypass options; and the internal calculation iterations may be decoupled from the project time step using Safety.TimeStep.
  • Thickener2 model - New overflow control options.
  • Conveyor Belt improvements (these enhancements are also applied to the latest version of Build138)
  • Multi-Storage model- New option to display and report the combined total of all stores in a Multi-Storage model. Includes options to override the temperature.
  • Dynamic Tank displays IOs in order of descending height, also in most recent version of Build138.
  • Slew Rate Controller: user can set the "Output" value when stopped. Output Minimum and Maximum now correctly limits the "output" value.

Species Properties Improvements

User Interface Improvements Other Improvements Project Upgrade | Changes that Affect Results

General Improvements

  • Importing Species from HSC Database - Added new import functionality for HSC8 and newer. To use the new import functionality, the HSC COM interface is required. This requires user to have a licensed working copy of HSC installed.

Graphics Improvements

  • Graphics Copy and Paste between projects: when pasting the copied graphics into another project, any reference files used by the copied models (eg: reaction, pgm, mp, csv files) will be copied to the new project location.
  • Graphic Symbols Library - New Symbols subfolder for Shapes. This contains some basic drawing shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. See BaseFiles\SysCADSymbolsList.pdf
  • Animation - Added option "Send to Annotation" to the Access Window - context menu, this works during Insert Annotation step, engineering units provided will be used correctly.

"Under the Hood" Changes

Tutorial & Examples

  • Updated Tutorial documentation. Please see Tutorial in the Help documentation.
  • Example Projects distributed with SysCAD have been updated
  • New Example projects: (eg:PHREEQC and ChemApp Examples)

Unit Model and Functionality - Discontinued (click here for full list)

Project Upgrade (click here for full list)

  • Solvent Extraction Unit - Projects using isotherm: user must change the old Isotherm method to Isotherm2 in Build138, then after the project is upgraded to Build139, user can change to the new Multiple Isotherms methods.
  • Precipitator3 - Projects with Precipitator3, user must finish the upgrade process in Build138 first (instructions here), before upgrading to Build139.
  • The old Screen & Cyclone models have been discontinued since Build137 and will no longer work in Build139. Projects with these old unit models must be changed to Screen 2 and Hydrocyclone models before upgrading to Build139.
  • PGM Variable Name - Maximum length of PGM variable names reduced from 64 to 50 characters. Please update in Build138 before upgrading to Build139.
  • Project will be auto upgraded to Build139 format:
    • All Graphics pages moved to subfolders: DocsGraphics.
    • All Trend pages moved to subfolders: DocsTrend.
    • Other.dat is renamed to Controls.Data (PGM & MP data only).
    • Projects and cfgfiles auto upgrade to always use “IF97” steam equation.
  • Scenarios saved in Build138 or earlier will not load in Build139.

Changes that may Affect Results (click here for full list)

Tag Changes (click here for full list):