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The SysCAD TagSelect Engine is a powerful query tool in SysCAD to retrieve a list of model tags that meet a specified criteria (SQL type select query). New to Build 137 TagSelect can also be used to return a list of SubType tags, such as all use of EHX, Reactions, etc.

Using TagSelect in SysCAD

  1. For Excel Tag Select Reports
  2. For PGM code in Tag Select Class
  3. For searching for tags using Find Units using Query

TagSelect Syntax

This is described in more details with examples in Excel TagSelect Syntax.

TagSelect with SubTypes

TagSelect can be used to return all SubTypes (or Sub Models) used in a model regardless of the full tag name of the SubType and regardless of how many of the SubTypes are contained within the model. If the Select statement includes [SubType] then the TagSelect Engine returns full SubType model tags (including dots in the tag) rather than returning model tags.

Supported SubTypes include:

  • EHX - EHX Sub models
  • MU - Makeup Sub models
  • Evap - Evaporation Sub models
  • RB - Reaction Block Sub models
  • RCT - individual reactions
  • PID - PIDs blocks
  • SetTagCon - SetTag Controller blocks
  • Actuator - Actuator blocks
  • Transmitter - Transmitter blocks
  • Noise - Noise blocks (dynamic only)
  • Signal - Signal blocks (dynamic only)
  • Downtime - Downtime blocks (dynamic only)
  • FlowStats - FlowStats blocks (dynamic only)
  • GenStats - GenStats blocks (dynamic only)

When referencing fields in the select criteria, OrderBy or list of result tags it is possible to refer to tags in the SubType directly, at the main parent level (ie at model tag) or one level back from the SubType. For example [Parent.Tag] and [Parent.UnitType] will reference the main unit model, so to get all individual reactions in pipes the select criteria would be [SubType]=="RCT" AND [Parent.UnitType]=="Pipe-1".


  • TagSelect with SubTypes is new to Build 137.
  • The string field SubTypes shown on the Info tab page in Access window of all models gives a comma separated list of all the SubTypes used in a model.