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The specific heat for each species is defined in the Species Database.

  • Heat capacity cannot be zero.
  • Heat capacity MUST increase with temperature with the exception of AQUEOUS compounds.
  • If Heat capacity value is not specified in the Species Database, then SysCAD will assume a constant value for the species. For more information, please see Species Table.

Water and steam have built-in equations for specific heat, please see Water and Steam Properties for more information.

The specific heat value is used for energy balances:

  1. Calculate the Stream specific heat
    For a given stream temperature, the stream specific heat values are calculated using the mass weighted mean method: see Stream specific heat values (Cp) for more information.
  2. Calculate the Heat of Reaction (HOR)
    The specific heat is used to calculate the heat of reaction at temperature.
    If the specific heat value is missing for any species involved in the reaction, then the energy balance may not be correct. If this happens, the user needs to define a Heat of Reaction (HOR) value for the reaction. See Heat of Reaction for more information.

Implementation in SysCAD