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Latest SysCAD Version: 21 September 2021 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.29552

Ion definitions are provided in the IonList.txt file that is located in the Project Configuration (CfgFiles) folder.

  • All TCE projects using the cfg file located in the CfgFiles folder will use the same IonList.txt file.
  • In Build 138 if the file is not located in CfgFiles it will use the file located in BaseFiles.

An ion definition provides the name of the ion, followed by its elemental definition. Each element in defined in the definition via the following form:


An example of a valid ion definition is given below:

HSO4- H<1>1S<6>1O<-2>4-

Note that the specification of valence is optional. Thus, the above definition could also be written as:

HSO4- H1S1O4-

An IonList.txt file is included with SysCAD install and located at c:\SysCADXXX\BaseFiles. If the IonList.txt file is missing from the CfgFiles folder when loading a TCE project requiring Ions, then the file is copied from the supplied BaseFiles folder. The user can add additional ions to this file in the CfgFiles folder as required for their project.