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How do I obtain a temporary software license key

A stand-alone license is normally provided as USB Key license. However, stand-alone software license can be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. Trial License for evaluation purposes.
  2. Temporary License when USB key is in transit
  3. Temporary License granted for specific reason

Before requesting for a license, please check the following:

  • If you normally use a USB key license, please make sure the USB key is NOT plugged in while you request for a temporary software license. The license code will not match if the USB key is present.
  • If you normally use a network license, please use <<menu command>> License | License Location to change the license path to point to the local machine's license folder (default folder location is: C:\SysCADxxx\License). This is to make sure the temporary license is granted for your local machine, and not to the network license!
  • a stand-alone software license is NOT usable for old expired SysCAD versions. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of SysCAD available to you.

To request for a stand-alone software license (after checking the above):

  • <<menu command>> License | License Authorisation
  • License Authorisation.png LicenseAuthorisation93.png
  • Press the CopytoClipboard button to copy the site code.
  • Email the Site Code to [email protected] and wait for a Site Key
  • Once the Site Key is obtained, copy and paste the site key into the white box
  • Press Validate

The Site Key is only used once, the site code will change when a license is issued (and again when a license expires).

Why does it take a long time to check the license?

It should usually take about 2 or 3 seconds (or up to 4 or 5 seconds) to check the license when SysCAD is started. The time taken depends on the PC and whether it is a stand-alone or network license.

If SysCAD is taking a long time, say around 10 seconds (any more than 5 seconds), to check the license at startup, then it is likely that an older version of the crypkey license service is installed.

In this case, you will need to force an install of the correct version of crypkey. This requires administrator rights. See Re-installing the Crypkey Licensing Software for details.

How do I check what License I have?

Information can be obtained from:

  1. Before opening of a project, License Command - License Information
  2. After a project is opened, Tools Command - License Information
  3. After a project is opened, View Command - Plant Model - System Tab.

How do I transfer the SysCAD license from one machine to another?

Stand-alone licenses are usually issued as USB License Keys. With this type of license the user can use any computer with SysCAD installed by simply plugging the USB License Key into the desired computer.

For transfer of software licenses only, please follow the License Transfer instructions for step-by-step help.

How do I activate or update my USB License Key?

New USB License Keys are usually sent in a deactivated state. To activate the License Key or update options, we will need to send you an activation or update file for each USB License Key. This will usually be uploaded to your Basecamp site as a zipped executable (exe) file.

For each USB License Key:

  • Download the relevant file and unzip it into an empty folder on the C: drive of a PC.
  • Insert the USB License Key
  • Run the executable file
  • If successful, a dialog box with the message "USBKey successfully Updated!" should be displayed.

Common Problems:

  • Check USB Key number corresponds to the number in the name of the update file.
  • Your anti-virus software may block the update from running. To fix this, please temporarily disable the anti-virus software and then run the Update file.

If an error code is obtained, please send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of the error code obtained.

My USB License Key is no longer working

  • Older USB keys can be problematic with Windows 10. Please send an email to [email protected] so we can arrange a replacement USB Key.
  • Error Code 734 - SysCAD version being used is too old to be used with that particular USB Key. Solution is to update to latest build.
  • USB license not found after computer goes to sleep - this is possibly related to power management settings - USB selective suspend setting.
    • Under Power options - advanced Power options
    • Select USB settings - USB selective suspend setting
    • Change setting to Disabled USB-Power Options.png
    • click Apply
    • This may need to done by IT

Other things to check:

  • To confirm problem is not due to damaged or inactive USB port, try using a different USB port on your computer.
  • Try using USB License Key on a different computer.
  • Check that the USB License Key is visible in Windows Explorer as a removable drive.

If you still cannot resolve the issue, please send an email to [email protected], describing the problem and what you have already tried as well as the serial number of the USB License Key.

My Software (Network or stand-alone) License is no longer working

  • Error code 733: When using a software license, each Build has a built-in expiry date that will prevent use after this date. This expiry date does not apply to USB License Keys. This is simply resolved by updating from an old copy to the latest update for the Build (if staying with the same version); or the user can upgrade to the next version/build; or the user can use a USB License Key. Refer to Revision History page to check expiry dates of builds.
  • -10:AUTHORIZATION TIME RUNOUT: The license has expired. Software licenses are issued for a fixed time period of no longer than a year. Solution is to reissue license.
  • -22:SITE KEY FILE HAS BEEN MOVED or -15:RESTRICTION FILE MOVED: The licensing software (Crypkey) has detected that some of the license files have been moved. This can occur after a Windows Update or other seemingly unrelated changes to a PC or server. In most cases, the solution is to reissue the license.
  • Some issues are resolved by simply restarting the computer or server where the license is saved.

In many cases the license will need to be reissued. To do this, please send your new site code to [email protected] so your license can be reissued. For companies with multiple SysCAD licenses, please specify which one requires renewing.