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There are typically two types of downloading that SysCAD users routinely perform.

  1. Download the latest version of SysCAD from our main website,, refer to the Downloads section below for more information.
  2. Download SysCAD projects and related files from our Basecamp file sharing site,, refer to the File Transfers section below for more information.

Note: With the SysCAD website, users can securely download both the main SysCAD files and their client specific add-ons. Users will only be able to download SysCAD versions (Build numbers) and the client add-ons to which they are entitled.

Downloads (from

User Login

Users can download the latest version of SysCAD, and any client specific add-ons, from our main website,


(Alternatively, from, select either Log In or SysCAD Users menu options)

Download Login.png

Once a valid username and password have been entered, the user will be directed to a client specific set of available files to download:

  • For companies with current maintenance agreements, this will include the latest SysCAD version update, the most current full install file for SysCAD and other related files.
  • If the company is entitled to any client specific downloads, then these will also be available on this page.
  • For example (the screenshot uses Build138 as an example)

If the user has forgotten their password, please click the Forgot Password button. If this is a valid email address, a password reset link will be emailed to you.


Admin User

  • SysCAD requires each client to nominate a main technical contact person, contact detail required include: Name, email address, contact phone number, contact physical address, position in the company.
  • The nominated technical contact person will be set up as the "Admin User" for the user site.
  • Once the Admin User logs in with the provided username(usually email address) and password, they can change the password if they wish. Admin user can add other users to the site.
  • Should the main contact person details change, please notify the SysCAD team, so new Admin User details can be setup to allow your company continued access to the download site.

Manage User Access to Client Download Site

Once the Admin User is logged in, they will have an additional button called Manage Account. (This button is only visible to the Admin user.)


This button allows the Admin User to control user access to the company downloads site.

  • Admin user can add or remove users
  • Users added can choose their own passwords.

Add a New User

To add a new user:

  1. Fill in the form with the user details
  2. Select the "Send NEW members the welcome email" tickbox.
  3. Press submit.
Add New user.png

Remove a User

To remove a user, from the list of names, press the Remove button next to the person to be removed.

Remove user.png

Trial User

SysCAD Trial Software can be downloaded from the SysCAD Website:

  • Request a Trial User password by filling in a form in the Download Trial Section.
  • Once the Trial login information is obtained (via email), the user can download the SysCAD installation file for evaluation purposes.
  • Install the trial version of SysCAD, make sure the person installing SysCAD has local administration rights to the computer.
  • Startup SysCAD. The user will receive a number of dialog boxes such as shown below:

Unlicensed trial.png Trial License Authorisation.png

  • The Site Code shown in the License Authorisation dialog box is a unique code.
    • Copy the Site Code by pressing the LicenseCopytoClipboardbutton.png button.
    • Paste this information into an email and send this to [email protected]
  • The SysCAD Team will issue a corresponding Site Key for a trial SysCAD license and email this back to the user.
  • Once the user has received the Site Key enter this in the License Authorisation dialog and press Validate.
  • The trial period is usually three weeks.
  • If you need to send a new site code to extend the trial or change options, use the License\License Authorisation command from within SysCAD, but still send the site code to [email protected].

File Transfers (Basecamp)

SysCAD clients have access to our Basecamp file sharing site,


The Basecamp site allows SysCAD projects and other related files to be uploaded and downloaded by SysCAD support Team and SysCAD users.

Each SysCAD user has their own unique login to the Basecamp site for file sharing, which is different to their login for software download.

Upload Files

To upload files:

  1. Login to Basecamp
  2. Select the project you wish to upload to (some users have access to multiple projects)
  3. From the Overview tab page, select New File button.png on the right hand side, or from the Files tab page, press the Upload file button.png button on the right hand side.
    Upload file2.png
  4. Press the Choose File button.png button to browse for the first file to be downloaded. Once you have selected the file, press Open.
  5. Select the file category from the drop-down list (Documents, Project or Software)
  6. Describe the file to be uploaded
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until all files to be uploaded have been chosen.
  8. Tick the boxes next to the people you wish to be notified that these files have been uploaded. Include "Support" if uploading a project for SysCAD support purposes.
  9. Press the Upload the file button.png button to commence the upload. Do not sign out of Basecamp until the upload is complete.

Download Files

To download files:

  1. Click on the link in the email you received and you will be requested to login to Basecamp. Once you have logged in, the download will commence.
  2. Do not close your browser until the download is complete.

Alternatively, if you didn't receive an email:

  1. Login to Basecamp
  2. Select the project you wish to download from (some users have access to multiple projects)
  3. From the Overview tab page, select file you wish to download. The download will commence.
  4. Repeat step 3 until all files to be downloaded have been chosen.
  5. Do not sign out of Basecamp until all downloads are complete.