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Makeup Source
Discard Sink
Makeup Block (MU)
Discard Block (DB)

General Description

The DirectLink (or "Flange" or "DirectIO") model is similar to a pipe but is not inserted by the user. It is automatically created as a direct link input/output (DirectIO) between two existing models in special cases. For example between a model that has a Makeup Block (MU) configured and the Makeup Source. Like the pipe, the DirectLink is used to transfer material between two units in SysCAD. There are no user configurable options in this model that might affect it's behaviour.

In dynamic mode, a DirectLink link may be created between surge units and the plant area for purpose of spills and vents.

The graphics symbol for a DirectLink connection is managed differently to a normal link or unit symbol. Typically a small symbol may be shown next to the applicable unit. The graphics symbol can be changed in the same way as other graphics symbols in SysCAD using the Change Symbol command. The graphics symbol can also be replaced by a pipe drawn by the user using the Redraw Link command.

The graphics symbol associated with a Direct Link may be manipulated using the Associated Graphics command.

Model Theory

Material flows from the source unit to the destination unit without any change.

Data Sections

The default sections and variable names are described in the following table. The number of Tabs in the access window may increase or decrease, based on user configuration.

  1. DirectLink - The first section, contains general information relating to material flowing through the direct link.
  2. Qo - This and subsequent tab pages, e.g. Qo.., shows the properties of the direct link. This tab is always visible.
  3. Sp - This tab shows the composition of material flowing through the direct link.
  4. The Info section contains general settings for the unit and allows the user to include documentation about the unit and create Hyperlinks to external documents. This is fully described in Common Data Sections.

Unit Type: DirectLink - The first tab page in the access window will have this name.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description/Calculated Variables / Options
Tag Display This name tag may be modified with the change tag option.
Condition Display OK if no errors/warnings, otherwise lists errors/warnings.
ConditionCount Display The current number of errors/warnings. If condition is OK, returns 0.
GeneralDescription / GenDesc Display This is an automatically generated description for the unit. If the user has entered text in the 'EqpDesc' field on the Info tab (see below), this will be displayed here. If this field is blank, then:
  • For pipes, SysCAD will use the text in the 'ConnectDesc' field - this displays the Source and Destination tags of the pipe;
  • For Feeders/Cross Page Connectors, SysCAD will display the state of the unit, i.e. if it is a Feeder or a Sink, etc.;
  • For other units SysCAD will display the unit class ID.
SubClass Display This will display the type of Direct Link, i.e. Makeup, Discard, Spill, vent, etc.
SourceTag / SrcTag Display The tag of the source unit. For example it may come from a Makeup Source.
DestinationTag / DstTag Display The tag of the destination unit. For example it may be going to a Discard Sink.
Qo Material Flow Section