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This page contains additional information for Actions Command Summary.


Command Path Actions - Reset

This will perform a total reset on the entire project. The functions that are performed for ProBal (Steady State) and Dynamic are listed below:

Steady State (ProBal)

  1. Clear the state of streams and any conduits (composition, temperature, pressure, etc.)
  2. Clear previous internal solver solutions,
  3. Reset previous results stored and used in unit models and sub models, e.g. RB, VLE, etc.
  4. Clear PID solution history, previous measured and output, etc.
  5. Clear controllers, e.g. Reference tags, PGM tags, etc.
  6. Clear tear stream convergence history
  7. Clear flash train convergence history.

This would perform all the above functions as given for Steady State, with the following additional functions:

  1. Empty all surge contents, tanks, conveyors, multistore, etc. regardless of presence of Preset image.
  2. Initialise all controllers, statistics and timer resets.
  3. Reset to time zero for profiles, events, etc.
  4. Reset totalisers.
  5. Empty spill contents.

Remove Qualities

Command Path Actions - Remove Qualities

Qualities Models like PSD (Particle Size Distribution), SSA, Material Tracking, etc are carried along streams between units. Qualities can be computationally demanding and so it is generally better to only carry Quality information at places in the model where it is being used.

Where there is a recycle loop, it is difficult to remove qualities from the loop, since even if the source of the quality entering the loop is removed, the quality information still remains "stuck" in the recycle loop including the tear. A complete Reset would clear the quality, but you may not want to solve from empty. This command solves this problem. The Remove Qualities command will remove the qualities information (but not configuration) from all models and streams in a project and they will only reappear once the model is run. They only reappear in downstream units and streams after the point where the Quality is created.