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Navigation: User Guide -> Menu Commands 9.3 -> View Command Summary

This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136. For the latest version of SysCAD, please see View Command Summary

View Command Icon Shortcut Key Brief Description Full Documentation Link
Explorer ExplorerButton.png CtrlKey.png+E
Used to explore the current project
  1. Navigating to Existing Graphics and Trend Windows
  2. Manipulating Graphics Windows (Flowsheets)
  3. Navigating to Unit models or Pipes
  4. Creating Equipment or Pipe List
  5. Deleting Models without Graphics
See Explorer Window for more information.
Project Opens the Project Window. See Project Window for more information.
Messages Opens the Messages Window. See Message Window for more information.
Conversions Opens the Conversions tab in the Project Window. See Conversion List for more information.
Plant Model IconPlantModel.png Used for global project settings. See Plant Model for more information.
Solver Settings SolverSettingsButton.png Sets solver method and options for the projects. See Solver Settings for more information.
Global Area This is a project wide Area Model. See Area Model for more information.
Controls May be used to auto-tune controllers in the project, similar to trend window (with PID controllers). See Controls and Trend Window (with_PID_Controllers) for more information.
Power Supplies This is used to turn the supplied power on/off, mainly used in conjunction with electrical group of models.
Evaluation Order Open the order Evaluation Window to display how the solver network is built; the relationship between the units; the tears streams, the project input and output units and some PID controllers information. See Evaluation Order for more information.