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General Improvements

  • Improvements to Flowsheet Printing - New graphic page printing option - Print Multiple PDF. This option allows user to print all graphic pages to a single document. This function requires the "Microsoft Print to PDF" driver.
  • Importing Species from HSC Database - Added new import functionality for HSC8 and newer. To use the new import functionality, the HSC COM interface is required. This requires user to have a licensed working copy of HSC installed. If not, the connect to HSC COM Interface fails, and user cannot import from HSC directly.
  • Explorer Window functionality added for Manipulating Graphics Windows to allow creating, deleting and renaming of areas. This is significantly easier than using the Access window fields in PlantModel Flowsheets. Drag and drop of flowsheets between areas is also supported.
  • Reorganised Document Window commands:
  • Access Window improvements:
  • Project Window - user can right click on any of the file path or document in the Files or Environment list to get the "Open Containing Folder" popup option, clicking on this will activate the "Windows File Explorer", showing the folder or file of interest.
  • Subsequent clicks of the Recent Graphics Window RecentGraphics.png or Recent Trend Window RecentTrend.png Hot Jumps will scroll through the graphics/trend windows in order by name. Holding down Alt will scroll through them in reverse order.
  • Change Tag now includes changing of tags referenced in PID functions and in data fields for General Controllers marked as {tag} variables.

Graphics Improvements

  • Reroute Link Reroute Link.png - New graphics command. This combines the Disconnect Link, Connect Link and Redraw Link commands, allowing user to change the pipe's connection points and pipe line graphics in one continuous command.
  • Change Unit Model graphics command - Added a Next button to the dialog box, allows user to change multiple units in one session.
  • Graphics Copy and Paste between projects: when pasting the copied graphics into another project, any reference files used by the copied models (eg: reaction, pgm, mp, csv files) will be copied to the new project location; if the reference file exists in the destination (eg: a file with the same name exists in the destination project) , the file will be skipped.
  • Graphic Symbols Library - New Symbols subfolder for Shapes. The Symbols folder is part of the BaseFiles folder. This contains some basic drawing shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. Previews of the SysCAD graphic symbols can be found in ..\SysCADXXX\BaseFiles\SysCADSymbolsList.pdf
  • Animation - Improvements to Graphics - Insert Annotation Table: