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Unit Model Improvements

  • Gibbs Free Energy Minimisation (FEM) unit
    • Significant performance (speed) improvements in FEM solver together with a more robust implementation to handle a greater range of conditions.
    • Added UseConvergedSoln option to allow model to use previous solution as a starting point if feed hasn't changed much since previous iteration. This provides a significant reduction in solve time.
    • New AutoDamping option when using FixedHeat operating mode. This improves robustness and solve time of iterative FixedHeat operating mode significantly.
    • Solver settings moved to separate tab page with more user configurable settings.
    • Able to be used as a side calculation, where FEM calculations are performed and displayed but not applied to the feed stream.
  • Solvent Extraction (Mixer Settler) unit - now allows Multiple Isotherms.
    • This allows multiple reactions within a single unit to be controlled by isotherms, including different elements.
    • The old original method is no longer supported in Build139, please see Project Upgrade for more detail.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 2
    • New Shell and Tube 2 Evaporating Mode
    • New options added to internally bypass a percentage of the primary or secondary streams when using the Sensible HX method. Includes secondary option to calculate and apply the required bypass percentage to achieve a set-point outlet temperature.
  • Simple Heater - New optional side calculation for required Steam flow to achieve specified temperature.
    • Can be used to quickly workout the steam flow requirements without having to add the physical stream.
    • Requirements specified and results shown on new Steam tab.
  • General Separator - New density separation methods
    • Allows user to split solids based on density curve, with user specified efficiency parameter to determine sharpness of split.
  • Drum Filter - Added new option to calculate the required internal recycle of filtrate (which would include wash water) to dilute feed slurry/solids to user-defined solids concentration, representing a feed tank or drum filter bath.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit:
  • Precipitation3 - Agglomeration terms for kernel, rate and collision have been modularised to allow more variation. See Agglom Parameters for more information.
  • Electrowinning Cell - The OverrideProductT and most Heat Exchange methods are no longer allowed in the Reaction Block (RB). Only the RHX-Power option is allowed. Some additional result parameters shown in the access window.

Sub-Model Improvements

Dynamic Unit Model Improvements

  • Additional controls are available for tank level control using an Underflow connection, as well as improved bypass options.
  • The internal calculation iterations may be decoupled from the project time step using Safety.TimeStep.
  • Thickener2 model - New overflow control options. The user can set the level at which the overflow stream is taken from and set the pipe capacity in the overflow pipe.
  • Conveyor Belt improvements:
  • Added options to specify length of belt to feed onto when stopped.
  • Improved Loading display to show sections conveyor belt is divided into internally.
  • Added Copy to Clipboard option for Sections data. Allows users to analyse the data in other packages, mainly for debugging purposes.
  • Multi-Storage model - New option to display and report the combined total of all stores. Includes options to override the temperature.
  • Dynamic Tank displays IOs in order of descending height, also in most recent version of Build138.
  • Slew Rate Controller - user can set the "Output" value when stopped. Output Minimum and Maximum now correctly limits the "output" value.