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Functionality and Solver Improvements

  • Audit - Significant update of Audit page shown on all models.
    • Improved calculation efficiency, options and display of mass & energy balance.
    • New option for Audit by Element
    • New simpler Basic Audit
    • Global Audit Option selections now shown on Audit page of every unit model.
    • Combines old Audit and Closure. Removed some tags.
    • Audit layout and tags have significantly changed, refer to Plant Model - Audit page and Audit.
    • See Tag Changes
  • Links Table - Significant update of Links page shown on all models.
    • Significantly simplified display of all the material in and out of the model. New display now includes the name of pipe connection ports.
    • Option to display a detailed view which expands the information displayed.
    • A Summary Table separately shows all material in and out of the unit by connections and in and out of the project (Sources/Sinks). This is ideal for project mass balance checks and/or unit model mass balance checks.
    • Tag naming is completely reworked, so any reports or controllers referencing these tags will need to be updated. See also Tag Changes.
  • Command Scripts - New options to allow Setting and Reporting of Tags from text files via Command Scripts.
    • This allows user to use text files (eg: .csv comma delimited file) for data input or extraction to and from SysCAD.
    • This includes both tag lists and tag tables.
    • This option has significant time saving benefits. Suitable for data dumps for very large projects.
    • An example of this has been added to the Gold Example Project, refer to this example for more information.
    • Command Script dialog box - New option to allow user to disable logging of commands to Message Window.
    • String tags can now be set via the SetTag or SetTags commands.

Species Properties Improvements

  • Cp Equation formats - New Specific Heat equations
  • Steam IF97 equations - For Steam IF97 and IF97_2 equations, these have been merged into a single equation "IF97" (SysCAD 9.3 Build139 Version). Please see IF97 for more information.
  • Vapour Properties - New option to specify normal Boiling Point in species database. This is used as a check on the vapour pressure equation on load. Please see Gas Constants for more information.

"Under the Hood" Changes

  • Reduced memory use: Even with new functionality most projects use less memory.
  • Solver speed improvements: Most projects solve slightly faster (more iterations per minute), and significantly faster if Gibbs FEM Reactor was used.
  • Improvements in error and condition reporting.
  • Updated checks for matching Build number of model DLLs (reduces errors with mismatched DLLs in bin folder).
  • Other.dat now only contains MP and PGM states and is renamed to Controls.Data
  • Small improvement in project load and save time. Includes improvements in data saved and recovered state of models at project load.
  • Compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 making use of new features available in C++ and the standard library.
  • Upgraded SQLite version used to 3.35, which increases maximum number of columns in a table from 999 to 2000.
  • Moved Electrowinning Cell from Separ1.dll to Separation.dll.