Species Commands 9.3

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Navigation: User Guide -> Menu Commands 9.3 -> Species Commands

Edit User Database

Command Button EditUserDatabase.png

Command Path Species, Edit User Database...

This function is available with or without a project being open. If the command is activated when no project is open, it searches for a SysCAD.93.db3 file and opens the following dialog box:


Press Open to edit the database.

If a project is already open, then the User Database for the current project will be opened.

Related topics: Editing User Species Database and Species Table.

Edit Default Database

Command Path Species, Edit Default Database...

When the command is activated, it opens the Default.93.dbs file in the \SysCAD93\BaseFiles folder. The method of editing the default database is the same as user database.

Related topics: Editing User Species Database Species Table.

Copy Configuration to Clipboard

This copies selected properties from the species database to the clipboard. This is equivalent to the Copy To Clipboard button on the Species Properties ($SDB) 9.3 page.

View Properties

Command Button IconSDB.png

Command Path Species, View Properties

Used to display properties data for species used in the project.

Refer to Species Properties.

Properties Report

This command opens the Copy Species Properties to Clipboard dialog box.