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Warning! Page you're reading is outdated or was archived and very likely is referring to older version of the software. Please navigate to the most recent version instead.

Navigation: User Guide -> Menu Commands 9.3 -> Shortcut Keys

This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136. For the latest version of SysCAD, please see Shortcut Keys

There are a number of short cut keys for the most used SysCAD commands. These are summarised in the table below.

Short Cut Keys Description Equivalent Menu Command
F3 Find the next item on the Find Query List Edit, Find Next
F5 Starts Solve or Run Actions, Run
F12 Save Project As File, Save As
Alt + F4 Exit SysCAD File,  Exit
Shift + F3 Find the Previous item on the Find Query List Edit, Find Prev
Shift + F5 Stops Solve or Run Actions, Stop
Shift + F6 Save Scenario File, Scenario, Save Scenario
Ctrl + A Opens the General Options dialog box Tools, General Options
Ctrl + B Refreshes the Graphics on the page. Graphics, Redraw
Ctrl + C Copy Graphics (and its associated model configuration) Graphics, Copy&Paste,  Copy
Ctrl + D Delete Graphics Graphics, Delete, Delete
Ctrl + E SysCAD Project Explorer View, Explorer
Ctrl + F Quick Find Edit, Quick Find
Ctrl + G Toggle Grid Display On/Off Graphics, Toggle Grid Display
Ctrl + I Insert Text Graphics, Insert, Text
Ctrl + J Opens the Symbols List Dialog box Graphics, Symbol Management, List All Unit Symbols
Ctrl + K Trend Window - Scroll to End (most recent time) Trend, Scroll, End
Ctrl + L Insert Link Graphics, Insert, Link
Ctrl + M Zoom Graphics Graphics, Zoom Command
Ctrl + N New (Project, Graphic, Trend) File, New for New Project, or File, File, New File
Ctrl + O Open (Project, Graphic, Trend) File, Open Project or File, File, Open File
Ctrl + P Print (Active) File, Print, Print
Ctrl + R Report Options, Report
Ctrl + S Save Project File, Save Project
Ctrl + U Insert Unit Graphics, Insert, Unit
Ctrl + V Pastes the Cut or Copied Graphics (and configuration data, optional) Graphics, Copy&Paste, Paste
Ctrl + W Select Window Window, Select Window
Ctrl + X Cuts the Graphics (and its associated model configuration from the project) Graphics, Copy&Paste, Cut
Ctrl + F5 Pauses Solve or Run Actions, Idle
Ctrl + F6 Load Scenario File, Scenario, Load Scenario
Ctrl + Tab Tab forward across windows
Ctrl + Alt + C Copies the flowsheet as picture image onto the clipboard Graphics, Copy&Paste, Copy Bitmap
Ctrl + Alt + I Change Text Graphics, Edit, Change Text
Ctrl + Alt + S Save Project Version File, Save Project Version
Ctrl + Alt + U Change Unit Graphics, Edit, Change Unit
Ctrl + Shift + A Save Graphics As File, Save/Rename Graphics As
Ctrl + Shift + B Bulk Tag Change Bulk Tag Change
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy Graphics (and its associated model configuration) Graphics, Copy&Paste, Quick Copy
Ctrl + Shift + E Stops Solve or Run Actions, Stop
Ctrl + Shift + F Find Query List Edit, Find
Ctrl + Shift + I Pauses Solve or Run Actions, Idle
Ctrl + Shift + J Highlights all non-standard Link graphics Graphics, Symbol Management, Highlight Non-Standard Links
Ctrl + Shift + L Redraw Link Graphics, Edit, Redraw Link
Ctrl + Shift + P Print Multiple Graphics Page File, Print Multiple
Ctrl + Shift + Q Manage Find Query List Manage Find Query List
Ctrl + Shift + R Starts Solve or Run Actions, Run
Ctrl + Shift + T Run for 1 step/iteration Actions, Step
Ctrl + Shift + U Change Symbol Graphics, Edit, Change Symbol
Ctrl + Shift + V Pastes the Cut or Copied Graphics and configuration data Graphics, Copy&Paste,  Quick Paste
Ctrl + Shift + Z Resets the project Solve State. Actions, Reset
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Tab backwards across windows