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SysCAD 9.2 was first officially released on 31st July 2009. It is now superseded by SysCAD 9.3.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2 Build 135

  • Build 135 is the fifth significant Build for SysCAD 9.2, first officially released on 22th November 2012.
  • See Build 135 Release Notes for a list of new features and changes in Build 135.
  • For notes on upgrading from Build 134 to Build 135 see Upgrading Builds.
  • For notes on upgrading SysCAD projects from 9.1 to 9.2 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.2.

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.2 Build 135.12674 (listed from the most recent to oldest)

  • Build 17396: Fix save and recover of global flash train convergence parameters PAdvBase and PAdvXtra.
  • Build 17368: Limit feeder flow required maximum to prevent excessive flows.
  • Build 17083: Allow user to specify more than 90 PageLabels in a PGM.
  • Build 17066: For Material Tracking fix error for tag access when hide zeros is on.
  • Build 17033: New condition message when flash train is at low pressure limit.
  • Build 16973: Fix to save and recover of PSD DSz data for LinearInerpolate method.
  • Build 16944: Fix miscellaneous crashes: Solve crash when using GM PhaseRecovery after deleting outlet pipe; Excel report crash when encountering more than 32767 incomplete tags; crash when setting droplist value from PGM.
  • Build 16771: Correction for testing USB Serial numbers.
  • Build 16383: Add new option to Desuperheater to adjust flow of cooling water addition to achieve required conditions - useful solver stability technique when desuperheater is in a flash train.
  • Build 16378: Fix for Evaporator using internal heater which didn't always save and recover as converged.
  • Build 16355: Add OPC Server startup message. Fix OPC Server registration so that SysCAD as OPC Server starts correctly when started by OPC Client as interactive user.
  • Build 16273: General Separator fix for setting streams exit pressures to use the OperatingP.
  • Build 15979: Test for and limit Simple Heater to project temperature range.
  • Build 15977: Prevent unnecessary extra iteration at end of dynamic scenario.
  • Build 15948: Implement project user values in PlantModel that are accessible in custom calculations.
  • Build 15967: Implemented new Tie Hot Flash Mixer unit model designed for mixing water with very hot gas stream, unit automatically flashes the water.
  • Build 15946: Fix for reactions with source species where reaction extent is not achieved under certain circumstances.
  • Build 15836: Improved PlantModel runtime statistics tag displays.
  • Build 15748: Changed date format to dd/mm/yy for printing and Excel reports feedback.
  • Build 15711: Improved RB Extent Tolerance display and tags.
  • Build 15468: Dynamic mode fix for pressures perpetuated through pipes after a Reset.
  • Build 15370: For PSD Sz page in Access window, if no mass flow for a solid species then show all size fractions as inactive colour.
  • Build 15353: Add PGM StrArray load and save functions.
  • Build 15313: Fix for condensing mode Shell&Tube2 with reactions, where the reactions are not performed in iterations where there is insufficient steam feed.
  • Build 15154: Added tests and condition error messages in RB, EHX and Evap submodels for water present above the critical temperature.
  • Build 15151: Added optional extended MgCl2 potash solubility data.
  • Build 15142: When using density factor in Alumina species model, fixed the display in Props for LRho25, LQv25, SLRho25, SLQv25 and SolidConc25 (error was introduced in Build 135.14410 where for these fields the factor was applied twice).
  • Build 15109: Fix for steam turbine that calculates the incorrect exit conditions for next iteration after required pressure is increased.
  • Build 15024: Fix for crash when deleting a pipe exiting a feeder that has demand configured.
  • Build 14881: Fix for pump that can calculate the incorrect exit temperature conditions for first iteration after project load. Error occurs when temperatures are larger.
  • Build 14871: Fixed errors in managing and using multiple PSD distributions in a project. Fixed a crash caused by Flotation cell when changing PSD distribution used.
  • Build 14865: For a feeder in demand mode, fixed the QProd flowrates displayed which were incorrect at project load and after project save.
  • Build 14851: Fix occasional crash that occurred when using the reconnect link command multiple times for the same link.
  • Build 14800: Fix size distribution load error in pipes that occurs when using more than one sieve series in a project.
  • Build 14777: Improved testing and error reporting of phase functions in custom calculations in cfg editor.
  • Build 14730: Fix for freeze when setting tags from Excel failed.
  • Build 14722: Fix for failure (introduced in 14231) to load scenario using mill or crusher model.
  • Build 14711: For Alumina3 properties, added option for user defined constants for Mulloy Donaldson Density.
  • Build 14700: Improved GM SplitFlows logic to further reduce the occurrences of setting very tiny flows in outlet which should be zero.
  • Build 14651: Implemented new Entrainment method in Solvent Extraction unit to define organics and aqueous losses to other streams.
  • Build 14619: Fix for scenario load and save where a few fields in a couple of unit models did not save and recover correctly. This led to a saved converged scenario not loading in a converged state.
  • Build 14618: New optional Concentrate Launder input stream connection added to Flotation Cell model.
  • Build 14611: Fix for Thickener model with makeups that when turned off did not stop the makeup addition.
  • Build 14571: Removed false makeup block error messages when no flow.
  • Build 14534: Implemented new PGM StrArray class.
  • Build 14479: Fix for occasional freeze when solver is stopping with message "Updating annotation blocks".
  • Build 14457: Fix for DirectLink graphics that can reference the incorrect unit model. Usually seen with cut&paste or copy&paste.
  • Build 14410: Alumina properties optional density factor now applied to Bayer properties concentration calculations including bayer feed calculator.
  • Build 14325: EHX product temperature limited to project temperature range and condition warning given.
  • Build 14331: In dynamic fix error where makeups were not applied for first iteration.
  • Build 14306: Potash Evaporator now treats Gypsum and Anhydrous Gypsum in the same way.
  • Build 14297: Improved display of Tears and Makeup Direct Links in Explorer window.
  • Build 14291: In Potash Species model added new Laliberte correlations for Cp, Density and viscosity.
  • Build 14257: Implemented new COM calls to access Archiver.
  • Build 14242: Added tests for project temperature limits for Simple Heat Exchanger and improvements for demand calculation (optional damping).
  • Build 14226: Conveyer belt improvements in error reporting and checking of user parameters.
  • Build 14176: Implemented new Sugar CrusherM model.
  • Build 14161: Add new options to Tank with HX to allow user to specify product T (or other Simple options) on either side and optionally use GeneralDemand. Tank with HX now has same functionality as Simple Heat Exchanger.
  • Build 14107: Add option to Counter Current Washer model to allow user to specify solids in overflow by mass fraction or concentration.
  • Build 14094: Implemented new makeup block options to target mole concentration and mole fraction as well as concentration at 25C.
  • Build 14070: Fix error in RB with a source where in some circumstances it may add more source material than necessary.
  • Build 14032: Fix for occasional freeze when solving (usually larger) projects, caused by lockup in threads.
  • Build 14014: Fix for crash that can occur when changing tags that include special characters such as '\' and unusual combinations of braces '('.
  • Build 14010: Add new display field on Audit page for Heat of Dilution contribution (for each species with HOD data) for change in dilution for the common flow between inlets and outlets.
  • Build 13980: Valve2 and Pump2 models are not intended for vapours, give warning messages when vapours are in feed and apply bypass logic for any vapours accross the valve2/pump2.
  • Build 13978: For display of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], changed the reference pressure for water and steam to use standard pressure (101.325kPa) rather than saturation pressure. Project results are unchanged, but the display of these fields @0 change (the @T fields are unchanged). The water changes are small, the steam changes can be quite large.
  • Build 13974: Improved insert unit and insert symbol to allow the user to "fine tune" the graphics position of a newly inserted unit/symbol.
  • Build 13955: Fix in Makeup Block when using elemental concentration by phase, now correctly only includes the species with the listed element for the specified phase.
  • Build 13949: Fix in Disk Centrifuge when using the CentConc method where required concentrations were not being achieved.
  • Build 13944: Added option to prompt to save, close and reload project after editing the project species database from within a project.
  • Build 13920: Improved redraw link to allow fine tuning of existing link using Shift & Ctrl.
  • Build 13918: Added new graphics menu options Graphics|Display for applying horizontal, vertical or no breaks for all link intercepts on a graphics page.
  • Build 13905: During a project save, create a backup zip file of any symbols used in the project that are located in the BaseFilesUser\Symbols group folders.
  • Build 13893: Added new button on Species page when editing cfg file to allow user to edit the species database directly.
  • Build 13880: Fixed issue introduced in 13801 where updating of Explorer window is very slow.
  • Build 13865: Fixed issue where on some occasions graphics symbols are removed during upgrade of 134 graphics to 135.
  • Build 13850: Fixed error in save and recover of global solubility settings in PlantModel.
  • Build 13840: Added option for insert link and redraw link to add breaks in lines at intercepts automatically based on new Link Lines Intercept Method selection. If the Shift key is used then no pipe intercept break points are added.
  • Build 13837: Improvements and fixes for save and recover of tear data for qualities.
  • Build 13829: Removed display of QFeed in desuperheater as the mixture is invalid when temperature is above the critical temperature for water.
  • Build 13810: Improved consistency of behaviour in PGM code where variables are NAN and used in math functions, result is NAN if any of the parameters are NAN.
  • Build 13803: If CfgFiles are located within a project folder, these files are now copied during a project save-as or save-version.
  • Build 13799: For Excel reports the special tags 'Graphic' and 'Symbol' now work correctly for SysCAD_TagTable and SysCAD_TagList reports.
  • Build 13797: Added option for insert link and redraw link to use Shift-Ctrl to fine tune position of link segment or end points.
  • Build 13783: Implement new option to browse, unzip or select alternative cfg file if cfg file is missing when opening project.
  • Build 13761: Fix for issue introduced in 13731 where clicking for Quickview or Access window failed because of incorrect active window.
  • Build 13757: Added EB to Flotation Cell to allow user to add reactions, makeups, etc.
  • Build 13738: Implement a speedup for cut&paste.
  • Build 13719: When editing sieve series in cfg file, added US and Tyler Mesh options. Also added option to cut&paste manual sieve series.
  • Build 13697: Rework of Cut & Paste so that the command is effectively a "move". Complete state of models is now retained for cut&paste.
  • Build 13655: Added option to browse for cfg file or unzip backup if opening project and cfg file is not found.
  • Build 13595: Improved copy & paste to copy and correct tags referenced in tag fields (eg PID referenced tags).
  • Build 13594: Added new range check for water above critical temperature.
  • Build 13583: Add option to Bayer feed calculator to zero any other liquids.
  • Build 13576: Improve graphics autoupgrade to correctly maintain symbol positions (previously upgraded graphics can have some symbols offset incorrectly).
  • Build 13555: Improve display of species solids concentration, etc when they are near zero and phase flow is zero. Correctly show zero instead of very small numbers.
  • Build 13550: Significantly improved the auto-routing of default link when first creating the link. User can select preferred snap-to for ends of the link graphics.
  • Build 13488: Implement new functionality to display a grid when editing graphics. User can chose different grid styles (dots/ruler/lines) and when the grid is displayed.
  • Build 13483: Re-organised general graphics options over two tab pages, including additional options and ability to reset to defaults.
  • Build 13472: Add new PGM function DynTagExists to test if a tag is valid.
  • Build 13449: Fix for error in annotation table when using bulk tag change.
  • Build 13440: Add new PGM string function IsEmpty.
  • Build 13426: Fix dynamic layered tank error in energy balance.
  • Build 13421: Update of short cut keys and associated menus, mainly in graphics.
  • Build 13408: Fix enabling/disabling of graphics commands. Fix crash that can occur during project close. (Issues with Build 13392).
  • Build 13405: Add new conversion group Frequency (Freq) with SI unit Hz.
  • Build 13374: For Excel TagSelect reports, added the tag keyword 'Symbol' to report the symbol name of models.
  • Build 13370: Added option to export a symbol directly from the Symbols List dialog and allow user to set name, size and insert point of exported symbol.
  • Build 13363: Fix in CC Washer for incorrect underflow solids for low Scandrett efficiencies.
  • Build 13358: Improvements for reporting and convergence with PSD in Precipitator, including with classification option.
  • Build 13353: Improved auto-upgrade of graphics symbols in dxf file on first load.
  • Build 13319: Improved options for setting tag text sizes in graphics for units and links. New Tag menu section on the Graphics menu for tag manipulation.
  • Build 13306: Implement graphics menu option to list non-standard links.
  • Build 13287: When creating annotation tables in graphics and conversions are provided for tags use these rather than SI units.
  • Build 13221: Improved messages in SysCAd and License Utility when using Network Multi-user license, especially when no network licenses are available.
  • Build 13212: Implemented Copy, Cut and Paste in SysCAD graphics. Includes option to paste models only, or models with configuration. Copy and Paste can be between projects as well as within a project. Can also copy & paste text within SysCAD graphics and from external application.
  • Build 13199: At load time for graphics, perform an auto upgrade of symbols used in the drawing. This includes correcting of symbol names (to conform with stricter symbol naming) and resizing of symbols (to match current sizes of symbols in symbols library). Original drawing appears unchanged, but this facilitates better quality copy&paste. This action is only performed once on a drawing and is not repeated after a project save.
  • Build 13191: On Graphics tab page of General Options dialog, extended display of graphics options including display of text sizes.
  • Build 13183: Fix error in saved dxf reference position for links after using the redraw link command. These links failed to be displayed or are displayed around the origin when dxf drawing is loaded in a CAD package. They also failed to rotate correctly in SysCAD.
  • Build 13177: Stricter checking of graphics Symbol file names. They may only contain letters, underscore and numbers.
  • Build 13167: Significant enhancements to the Change Symbol dialog. Displays the name and status of the current symbol. New button "Change All" that allows all of the other symbols with the same name to be changed and/or apply the same scaling/rotation to all symbols with the same name. Fix error where the Cancel button moved the symbol location.
  • Build 13165: Added an Undo button to the Insert Unit dialog.
  • Build 13161: Improved graphics scale/rotation dialog to also show the Tag, Class and Symbol name for the selected graphics.
  • Build 13156: Fix in FlashTank2 when operating in Stand Alone mode and using the RequiredT option for OperatingP.Method.
  • Build 13133: For dynamic projects, fixed error where start up options (Empty, Preset, etc) were corrupted when using the Project|Dynamic Setup... menu command.
  • Build 13132: Explorer window now updates correctly after using the Change Unit command.
  • Build 13122: New graphics command to list unit symbols. This shows all Unit Symbols used in a drawing and their status (ie default, found or not found).
  • Build 13114: Extended SMDK to implement a MAlumina3 base class that can be used to code derived Alumina3 species models that include all generic Alumina3 properties.
  • Build 13094: Improvements in editing species database when changing phase of a species, fields that are not relevant to that phase are cleared. Improved import from HSC where minimum temperature was 0Kelvin (use 1K).
  • Build 13056: Fix error when trying to manage or create cfg files on a removable flash drive.
  • Build 13052: Corrected VapourFlow.Error display for LiveSteam mode in Falling Film Evaporator 2 and improved various warning messages.
  • Build 13041: Improved user options for Washer when off.
  • Build 13036: Significantly improved efficiency of quality (eg PSD, MaterialTracking, etc) tear variable management. Includes a fix for a crash in managing changing quantities of quality variables.
  • Build 13014: New Classifying Precipitator option. The Alumina Precipitator can now be configured as a classifier with overflow and underflow and precipitation of contents. Separation can be on a full PSD basis or by solids phase.
  • Build 12993: Implemented new Format option called "Mixed (Dec)" used when displaying values (eg in Access Window).
  • Build 12987: Implemented calculation of Saturation pressure for water below 0C.
  • Build 12960: Add new commands to Graphics and Trend menus to create new pages. Expanded right click menu in Explorer to allow creation of new Graphics or Trend pages.
  • Build 12908: Improved calculation for Atmospheric Pressure based on elevation. NOTE: Projects with a non-zero Elevation in PlantModel will have small differences (<0.1kPa) in gauge and atmospheric pressures.
  • Build 12895: Improve Barometric Condenser warning messages when no flow to one of the inlets. Correct pressure in vapour exit stream.
  • Build 12871: Added Cane Shredder model to Sugar units. Improvements in Sugar properties and unit models.
  • Build 12824: Upgrade to Crypkey 7.722.
  • Build 12817: Add optional scale factor for Alumina3 Specific Heat (Cp) correlation.
  • Build 12739: Speedup for dynamic layered tank.
  • Build 12703: Added option in General Separator to bypass solids species to OF and UF.


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 135 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2 Build 134

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.2 Build 134.10955 (listed from the most recent to oldest)

  • Build 12837: Correctly detect USB License Key when using Crypkey NGN 7727.
  • Build 12810: Fix for specific VLE case where it does not evaporate water to a hot gas stream if the amount of water available is less than required to produce 100% humidity.
  • Build 12694: Fix error in reactions with source/recycle species where amount of recycle flow after a step change is not necessarily minimised. Fix error where a reaction defined as forward only can act in reverse direction for Final Conc or Final Frac extent methods.
  • Build 12692: Improved QuickView copy TagSelect report to QuickView to use correct ClassId for models.
  • Build 12636: Fix for ApproachT calculation in Barometric Condenser where it incorrectly double counted the BPE values. NOTE: This only effects results in projects where Water addition stream is not pure water and has a BPE.
  • Build 12553: Reduce the minimum allowed pressure in a flashtrain and in the project configuration.
  • Build 12510: For Alumina Precipitator model using PSD, added new cutoff size option for agglomeration.
  • Build 12495: Added new tags by flowsheet page name in PlantModel Flowsheets page so that flowsheets can be activated by name or index.
  • Build 12492: Added new Ohzawa Soda co-precipitation option in Precipitator3 model, which is now the default method.
  • Build 12441: Fix composition fetch of pressure in dynamic mode.
  • Build 12416: Implement global option for BPE scale and offset when using Alumina3 Bayer properties model. NOTE: By default this option is off, if global BPE_Scale was used in Alumina projects this new option will need to be enabled.
  • Build 12306: Some improved and new model warning messages: Feeder configured as general demand sources, but no demand configured; vapours in flotation cell feed but no vent connected; incorrectly configured reaction when using Isotherm method in Solvent Extraction unit model.
  • Build 12300: Changed underlying calculation to use geometric mean rather than arithmetic mean for average size of particle size interval for display of Particle Count, SAM and SAL in streams for the PSD Quality model. These are display tags only, only projects referencing these for controllers may need to be checked.
  • Build 12270: Improved and added to display of particle count information on PSD page of Alumina Precipitation model.
  • Build 12222: New options in QuickView and QuickView Editor for copying horizontal and vertical TagSelect report templates to clipboard.
  • Build 12218: Add additional PSD particle number display fields in Precipitator.
  • Build 12189: Add option to Desuperheater for cooling water connection to be in Manual or General Demand mode.
  • Build 12174: Fix crash for excessive zoom in when using mouse wheel.
  • Build 12163: In dynamic mode, added infrastructure to check and view "local networks". Implemented tests at solver startup to check that "local networks" are properly defined and that there is not an illegal mixture of pipes or units in Transfer and TransferNet "local networks".
  • Build 12132: Fix calculation of reported SAL in SSA when PSD and SSA qualities are present. Fixed calculation of SAM and SAL on MSz page for PSD Quality. These are display tags only, only projects referencing these for controllers may need to be checked.
  • Build 12105: Some tag and display improvements in SysCAD Limn models.
  • Build 12090: Added new RB summary reaction state count fields; Fix display error for RB source total mass flows.
  • Build 12050: Fix when using full PSD option for Alumina Precipitator when there is material in the smallest size interval.
  • Build 12010: Improvements to potash properties model tags and DefineLiquor calculator. Prevent user from selecting Potash as the global solubility system.
  • Build 12000: Updated a number of 'Salts' tags in the Potash Evaporator.
  • Build 11998: Updated the hardwired Cp data for O2 (only used if "Default" is selected for this gas when editing the project species database).
  • Build 11995: Prevent user from connecting a pipe from a Tie back to the same Tie. A pipe connected in this manner is not saved correctly and gives project save and load error messages.
  • Build 11976: For the Plitt Cyclone model implement the correct method for setting liquid splits based on the published paper. This is a new option allowing users to use the previous method or the new method.
  • Build 11961: Fix error (sometimes a crash) during project load if project was previously saved in a minimised SysCAD window.
  • Build 11929: Improved display of SSA quality values in feeder, and SSA data transfer when using composition fetch when PSD is present.
  • Build 11927: When using multiple PSD Definitions in a project and changing the distribution used this did not follow through the downstream models correctly.
  • Build 11922: Fix errors and behaviour in Screen and Cyclone models when there is vapour in the feed.
  • Build 11900: Improved operation of the Evaporator and the Potash Evaporator unit models with very large recycles.
  • Build 11892: Add display of SuperHeat to stream Saturation group and on the VLE page.
  • Build 11875: Fix in custom calculations where a leading negative (-) sign is ignored. Example Exp(-2) or Exp(2*-1) now work.
  • Build 11844: Some improved license status messages in SysCAD and License Utility.
  • Build 11825: Allow user to specify number of heaters when using embedded heaters for Evaporator and Potash Evaporator models.
  • Build 11793: Added reference string to species database report and re-arranged how the Cp ranges are reported.
  • Build 11790: Fix error for insert group where links are not constructed.
  • Build 11778: Fixed some lockup errors when editing species database.
  • Build 11774: Improved warnings and behaviour in PotashEvaporator when required overflow and/or product conditions can't be met.
  • Build 11771: Project merge now copies referenced Excel reports.
  • Build 11768: Sugar Crusher and Mud Filter model improvements.
  • Build 11746: Improved VLE convergence where under unusual circumstances it does not converge.
  • Build 11702: Implemented new Sugar Mud Filter model.
  • Build 11598: Improvements in Thickener2, primarily for dynamic. Improvements include results display and preset options.
  • Build 11595: When shell&tube2 is off and vent is connected, vapours now go to vent instead of condensate.
  • Build 11578: Improved Sugar Crusher solids separation methods.
  • Build 11569: Update License Utility to revision 2.4.
  • Build 11510: Reaction Block improvement when Energy balance is off by not performing and displaying unnecessary calculations.
  • Build 11494: In dynamic, clear display of spill associated graphics with Statistics reset action. Fix value of InitMt in tanks with Preset and Empty reset actions.
  • Build 11487: Fix a crash that occasionally (seemingly randomly) occurs when using certain unit operations in flash trains.
  • Build 11475: Fix unusual species database load error when two liquid phase species for same definition that may be used in VLE. Add display of Component in $SDB.
  • Build 11456: In SMDK remove unused parameter specifying conversion units of measurement.
  • Build 11451: Fix for tear stream with zero flow getting stuck and holding up convergence (bug introduced in 11267).
  • Build 11431: Updated License utility to recognise USB License Key.
  • Build 11426: Improve Downtime model options, display, tags and behaviour.
  • Build 11423: Correctly use tank pressure in layers of a layered tank. Fix preset and empty for layered tank.
  • Build 11416: Implement support for general demand through Boiler model.
  • Build 11409: Ensure dxf symbol block names are limited in length to 30 characters (to better support import/export to other packages). Recommendation is to replace \syscad92\basefiles\symbols folder with latest corrected and renamed symbols.
  • Build 11407: Fix Direct Contact Heater steam demand calculation when RB or EHX present.
  • Build 11374: Implemented multi-component Limn crusher models.
  • Build 11328: Various improvements in custom calculation editor. For species view custom calculations, allow user to disable calcs when phase basis.
  • Build 11314: New fields to display source and destination port IDs in pipes.
  • Build 11310: Added option to display Shell and/or Tube feed mixtures in Shell&Tube2.
  • Build 11297: Added new power methods for conveyor belt. Improved weightometer display.
  • Build 11279: Added new PSD class in PGM to get sieve series definition data.
  • Build 11270: Fix for SMDK when compiling with Visual Studio 2010.
  • Build 11267: Fix crash when resetting an individual tear stream.
  • Build 11258: Improved Tripper option in conveyor belt.
  • Build 11251: Add new Report.Species field to each reaction in a RB. This reports the species that is used for display of HoR and reacted mass.
  • Build 11249: Fix error when changing access window while busy editing a field.
  • Build 11233: Expand Events controller model to set string tags as well as numerical tags.
  • Build 11225: SMDK improvements - added access to global project minimum and maximum pressures. Other SMDK API improvements and additions
  • Build 11215: Implemented user EqpDesc and GenDesc for direct links (eg makeup links).
  • Build 11212: Improved pressure calculations, display and propagation in Valve2, Pump2 and Piping System when zero flow.
  • Build 11209: In a dynamic tank, the displayed QFeed was not at tank operating pressure. The QFeed display is now at the correct pressure.
  • Build 11197: Changed (for the better) the behaviour during a Reset of controller tag references (eg PGM SetTags) to not first set these to zero, before resynchronising at the end of a Reset. PGM read only tags are also not set back to zero, these are left at previous values.
  • Build 11196: Improved dynamic tank calculation of flows from multiple outlet pipes that are connected at identical heights where one or more of the pipes have unrestricted capacity.
  • Build 11190: Fix calculation for PSD measurement display of high fractions (eg P95, P100) when there are no particles in the largest size intervals.
  • Build 11184: Significant improvements to conveyor belt model. You can now use the model with small and very large step sizes without any loss in behaviour, drive positions, spills or mass balance. Improved the underlying data management of "queue" of material on the belt. Improved and fixed the management of spills. Fixed operation when belt is in a recycle stream. Added new option for display of loading profile (no longer need to use many weightometers for reporting or animating loading profile).
  • Build 11167: Increased maximum number of allowable iterations. Improved consistency of checking solver tolerance and iteration inputs in different dialogs and access windows.
  • Build 11162: Fix error and crash in display for Piping System Model.
  • Build 11159: Improvement in options for setting recycle flows in Evaporator and Potash Evaporator. Added support for multiple steam inlet streams, and other improvements.
  • Build 11149: Gas compressor can now be used in a steam line that is part of a flash train. New MaxPRatio option in gas compressor.
  • Build 11136: New vertical resize window button in the access window. Improved layout of buttons at top of access window.
  • Build 11126: Display of USB License Key serial number in License information dialog; and improved testing and reporting of version numbers.
  • Build 11122: Improved sugar crusher model.
  • Build 11113: Fix graphics animation error in dynamic projects where the model iteration time (and memory use) degrades over time.
  • Build 11092: Fix error in registering COM object scdslv92.dll on Windows XP.
  • Build 11086: Fix for crash when using change model on Shell&Tube1.
  • Build 11081: Improved project save-as options for copying unused files. Improved project window list of used files.
  • Build 11070: Improved mouse wheel zoom and pan during graphics commands such as insert link.
  • Build 11043: Fix for RB where a Source is used and the previous solution (source addition flowrate) is higher then the new solution (SysCAD did not reduce the RB source flowrate).
  • Build 11037: Implemented Cooling Tower general demand calculations. Added on/off option to cooling tower.
  • Build 11031: Improved Shell&Tube2 in condensing mode where there are multiple shell inlets and only some are in demand mode. Fixed error when adding water together with steam to shell inlet when in condensing mode.
  • Build 11029: Improvements for species calculations, added ability to add labels.
  • Build 11013: Improved Change Model auto mapping of port names.
  • Build 11002: Fix error in Create and Insert Group.
  • Build 10966: Improved Precipitator3 GrowthRate access window display fields and fixed error for Precip.Method SSA when feed has PSD.


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 134 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2 Build 133

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.2 Build 133.9374

  • Build 11804: Further update to work on different Crypkey NGN 7.x versions.
  • Build 11121: Update to work on current and newer Crypkey NGN file versions 7.x.
  • Build 10942: Fix Precipitator3 model when unit is off with vent and change defaults for Veesler-Boistelle growth rate method.
  • Build 10662: Fix dynamic tank vapour exit when applying filter to slurry outlets.
  • Build 10640: Make use of bound organics solid in Precipitator3 optional.
  • Build 10584: Correct behaviour when setting total masses in contents of a tank in dynamic mode.
  • Build 10545: Fix for error in falling film evaporator2 when flow to one side only.
  • Build 10450: Fix a crash in reactions for reload while solving and for equilibrium extent control when no liquids.
  • Build 10374: Fix error in dynamic project when setting pipe flow capacity on a recycle stream.
  • Build 10299: For Precipitator3, implemented new Veesler-Boistelle growth rate method.
  • Build 10293: Improved historian tests when opening second copy of project. Fix prevents corruption of historian data file.
  • Build 10273: Fix for hardwired mass engineering units 'Mt'. kg to Mt engineering conversion unit was incorrect by a factor of 1000. Updated Default conversions database required to remove warning for M(Mt) conversion at SysCAD start.
  • Build 10266: Fix for command line options where command line should be 'passed' on to an already open copy of SysCAD.
  • Build 10257: Improvement in $SDB Species Properties Report where Cp temperature range is applied incorrectly to limit display range.
  • Build 10222: Fix user interface lockup that can occur during graphics create symbol or unit.
  • Build 10218: In edit cfg, fix selection of DLL by group and placed Bayer property models in Bayer group.
  • Build 10195: Add HeatFlow tag to Shell&Tube2 to report actual environmental heat loss, and fix error in displayed duty for Demand(UA) method when actual steam flow is low.
  • Build 10168: Solubility PC page: Display improvements, results for summary table and fixed Feed column results.
  • Build 10132: Clear data when invalid profile, events or queue file.
  • Build 10110: Fix show/hide display setting of individual reaction names in access window.
  • Build 10073: Improve PSD measurement defaults. Improve Reset (clear results) in flash trains.
  • Build 10070: Improve copy of cfg file to also copy settings in ini files from CfgFiles folder and to allow user to enter a Description
  • Build 10020: Improve license change folder location messages. Allow renaming of trend windows from explorer view.
  • Build 10017: Implement checking for illegal file names in various locations where user can specify or change file names in a project.
  • Build 9995: Show reaction block change variables for all extent types.
  • Build 9989: Improve logic for transfer or removal qualities through flowsheet.
  • Build 9946: Improve display of qualities in multistore contents.
  • Build 9887: In dynamic pipe with batch option, fix error when pipe is in recycle.
  • Build 9817: Solubility display re-organisation for multiple user saturation curves.
  • Build 9796: Allow more than 253 species in a project.
  • Build 9769: Fix composition fetch when fetch stream has no flow. Now sets QmRqd=0 but ignores composition.
  • Build 9722: Don't create PSD in model exit stream when no PSD in feed. Fix crash in PSD SAM calculation when unusual stream solids values.
  • Build 9704: Improve PID when measured=setpoint=limit. Don't clear manual mode PID output with Reset.
  • Build 9698: Added steam demand side calculation option in Barometric condenser.
  • Build 9681: Move tank HX option into EB.
  • Build 9639: Fixed direct link makeup graphics, visibility and tag problem.
  • Build 9624: Extended solubility to allow user to specify multiple saturation curves.
  • Build 9616: Barometric condenser improvements: fix for using partial pressures, additional results display and new option to set hotwell pressure.
  • Build 9561: Implemented new SSA global mixing rule and option to set solids SSA species globally.
  • Build 9555: Improved menu options (an context menus) for Reset of models by graphics page, by project or by individual units.
  • Build 9523: Add [email protected] in species properties view, and [email protected] in saturation section of stream views.
  • Build 9466: Added new molar concentration species views.
  • Build 9452: Add license state commands to COM interface.
  • Build 9427: Improve Reset action and display of results when off in various unit models.
  • Build 9416: Improve RB access window displays (3 reactions per page and edit button on each page).


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 133 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2 Build 132

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.2 Build 132.7625

  • Build 9303: Fix error in Filter Press when no solids in feed.
  • Build 9228: Add LRho display in stream at user reference temperature and pressure.
  • Build 9131: Fix crash in reaction blocks.
  • Build 9081: Further Custom Species Calculation improvements.
  • Build 9060: Fix for display of individual species concentrations (Bug introduced in Build 132.8961).
  • Build 9035: Implement change tag in SetTagController.
  • Build 8994: Include Oxygen in heating value calculations.
  • Build 8961: Fix crash if SumElemPhase is used in Custom Species Calculation.
  • Build 8946: Shell&Tube2 improve when and how RMTD is displayed.
  • Build 8882: Various Custom Species Calculation improvements. Includes new density and volume functions.
  • Build 8856: Fix error in feeder that can occur when specifying feed as total volume flow.
  • Build 8855: New table on links page for total flows of all direct links.
  • Build 8840: Upgrade to Crypkey 7.3. Various license management improvements.
  • Build 8714: Fix occasional crash in dynamic when adding reactions to a tank.
  • Build 8665: Always retain dynamic tank level control stream tag when adding or removing links.
  • Build 8625: Correction in specie view user calculations when displayed in fraction view.
  • Build 8610: Display the version of crp32002.ngn file used in licensing information.
  • Build 8602: Fix error in save and recover of layered tank contents.
  • Build 8573: Fix load of VantHoff BPE parameters from specie database when there is no solvent. NOTE: This may effect BPE calcs if some VantHoff paramaters were ignored at load.
  • Build 8521: For access window field ClassGroup for direct links, improve the result text to facilitate easier Excel tag select reports.
  • Build 8510: Improve display of results on VLE page for Shell&Tube, Barometric Condenser, Falling Film Evaporator and Makeup Source.
  • Build 8504: Improve messages when using a Build that has an expiry.
  • Build 8480: Shell&Tube2 improvements including fixes for vent connections, mulitiple steam inlet connections and improved messages.
  • Build 8460: Fix errors in filter press behaviour that occurred with some wash stream feeds.
  • Build 8431: Improve conversion management for gauge pressure when model altitude is not zero. NOTE: Conversion messages given at startup can be resolved by downloading the latest Default.92.mdb database.
  • Build 8414: Improve tests for specifying temperature ranges for Cp.
  • Build 8406: Fix occasional crash related to multithreaded solver in dynamic projects.
  • Build 8386: In dynamic transfer, allow pressure drops/boost in pipes, pumps and valves.
  • Build 8370: Fix error in profile model that failed to load when it has a large number of long tags in heading row.
  • Build 8350: Improve makeup block efficiency, messages and logic (eg when no feed).
  • Build 8326: New TimeTotal options in archiver and other minor archiver improvements.
  • Build 8321: Additional dynamic mode tank and multistore totaliser reporting tags.
  • Build 8316: For dynamic mode with pipes in transfer flow mode, can now optionally apply pressure drops/boost in pipes, valves and pumps. Similar to ProBal where pressure changes are applied for the current flowrate.
  • Build 8294: Minor improvements for PID measured range warnings.
  • Build 8286: Implement new constant enthalpy method in RB when RB.FullEnergyBalance is switched off. Improved related error messages.
  • Build 8262: Shell&Tube1 and Shell&Tube2 now pass demand results through tube side.
  • Build 8215: Enhanced Desuperheater model. Supports demand on both steam line and water demand. Model is more robust for a wider range of input conditions and solves significantly faster.
  • Build 8195: Fix mass balance error that can occur in ties when total feed is greater than required demand.
  • Build 8190: Significantly improved RB calculation speed. Leads to improved iteration times.
  • Build 8184: Rearranged shell&tube2 specification methods and demand connection options.
  • Build 8135: Improved archiver: Auto-reload on change. New functions CurrentDiff, SumTotal, Time, Time(operator,value), TimeInRange(...), TimeOutRange(...).
  • Build 8124: Add option to switch off new PID setpoint warnings where setpoint is close to InMin or InMax.
  • Build 8053: Improved range checks for specified project Min and Max P and T.
  • Build 8034: Fix for database error that can sometimes occur when saving dynamic projects.
  • Build 8032: For makeup block, add new "required is target" options to avoid condition messages when requirement is not strict.
  • Build 8006: Minor improvements to solver status window list of non-converged variables.
  • Build 7997: Fix for error that can sometimes occur when setting composition fractions in a feeder.
  • Build 7976: Add heatloss method in shell&tube2 for "Sensible HX" OpMode.
  • Build 7973: Fix for occasional crash in Alumina projects.
  • Build 7947: Implemented new range check option for H2O region test for given temperature and pressure.
  • Build 7908: Phase Change at Temperature improvements: Add messages at specie database load time when data is missing or incorrect. Fixed errors in phase change implementation which occurred in some cases. Improve display on "PC" access window for phase change at temperature.
  • Build 7901: Change PID behaviour and messages when setpoint is close to measured minimum or maximum. (Improves response for this case with 'poorly' configured setpoint value.)
  • Build 7885: For profile, queue, events and SetTagList models, improved tag checking behaviour, reporting and operation.
  • Build 7879: Improve management of access window field formats for General Controller and Reactions.
  • Build 7868: Fix VLE error when feed has very small amount of non-condensibles.
  • Build 7849: For Excel TagSelect report, added option to first clear data in results table.
  • Build 7842: For COM ScdProject class add new commands LoadScenario and SaveScenario.
  • Build 7834: Fix crash at startup that has occurred on a few machines.
  • Build 7828: Add option to Alumina3 Bayer feed calculator to specify solids as concentration.
  • Build 7826: Improved shell&tube1 tag display.
  • Build 7817: Added option to switch the washer and thickener models off (ie no separation action).
  • Build 7808: Fix copy and past error of values for fields with values of zero.
  • Build 7806: Fix occasional crash on project save for projects with flash trains.
  • Build 7772: Improve occasional false reporting for unconverged recycle tear when there is no flow in the recycle.
  • Build 7760: For shell and tube1 (condensing mode with CondenseAll) to give a warning for temperature crossover.
  • Build 7738: Fix for freeze for realtime dynamic projects on Vista and Windows7.
  • Build 7735: Save list of recently opened projects in basefiles folder instead of windows system folder.
  • Build 7720: Improve robustness of direct contact heater. (Although it may be slower it solves correctly for a larger range of input and limit conditions).
  • Build 7708: Populate the QProd page of a sink (previously this had default or old data).
  • Build 7676: Fix for a crash in some heater models in dynamic mode.
  • Build 7637: Add new warning to reaction file load when T&P for fixed HOR is not specified.


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 132 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2 Build 131

  • Build 131 was the first official release of SysCAD 9.2 (31st July 2009).
  • For notes on upgrading SysCAD projects from 9.1 to 9.2 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.2.
  • See SysCAD 9.2 Release Notes for a list of new features and changes from SysCAD 9.1.

The following lists give a brief overview of these new features in SysCAD 9.2:

Stream Properties and Specie Database Improvements

  1. Heat of Dilution.
  2. Boiling Point Elevation.
  3. Phase Change - including Solubility, Temperature phase changes and phase changes as a function of Mass Fraction.
  4. Sulfuric Acid: Built in functionality for properties for H2SO4.
  5. Partial Pressure - For vapour streams with multiple species, improved calculation and use of partial pressures in determining vapour stream properties.
  6. Custom Calculations - New functionality to specify calculations based on species in a stream.
  7. $SDB Page - Significant improvements in the Specie Data Access window pages that display values of individual specie properties at user specified conditions.
  8. Specie Database Editor has an improved user interface and a number of new features.
  9. Configuration Editor has an updated user interface and a number of new features.

Units: New Functionality and Improvements

  1. New Ion Exchange model.
  2. Feeder improvements
  3. Flotation Cell improvements
  4. Layered Tank (dynamic mode improvement)
  5. Multi-Storage (dynamic mode model) - Implemented new inbuilt bypass (and makeup) option for the Multi-Storage model.

Pipes: New Functionality and Improvements

  1. Pipes by default in new projects are simple pipes with only have a Qo page. There will be no Qi page, simplifying the pipe and the access window.
  2. Po is now the outlet pressure of the pipe, not the pressure of unit that is immediately downstream of the pipe. This provides clarity as all pressures shown in the pipe are related to the pipe inlet and outlet points.
  3. General improvements in arrangement and inclusion of relevant tags for both ProBal and dynamic.
  4. More specie views are available. For example Elemental Molar flows, etc. These are now selectable in Plant Model.
  5. The relative humidity in a pipe is now displayed in the Saturation Values section of the Access Window.

Usability Improvements

  1. Simplified and rearranged main menus, toolbar buttons and pop-up menus.
  2. User can select alternative background colours such as white and gray as well as the original black, see Graphics Symbols Displaying Colours.
  3. When changing a tag, the tag change is also made in PGM files of controllers. This option is enabled in on the Global tab page of the General Options.
  4. Left mouse button double click can be used to navigate between connected crosspage connectors.
  5. Only feeders can be used to connect cross-page connectors. A drop down list for choosing from all available sinks is provided rather than typing or copying tags from feeders or sinks.
  6. Drop down lists for choosing Makeup Sources in a Makeup Block rather than typing or copying tags.
  7. Improved functionality of demand calculations in the network, as well as implementing new messages to provide feedback on Demand calculations that are not met or not specified correctly.
  8. New long multi-line equipment memo field on Info tab page of all models, which is ideal for longer descriptions in models.
  9. New link fields on Info tab page of all models, which is ideal for URL links to web pages or external documents.
  10. Implemented Summary Table of connections to a model on the Audit tab page of all models.
  11. Rearranged top two rows of buttons and options of the Access window.
  12. Improved arrangement and options in Plant Model access window.
  13. New functionality to compare model changes made since a project was loaded. Ideal for reviewing changes before a save.
  14. Implemented default set of quick view tags in Basefiles folder. Improved behaviour for then adapting the quickview tag list.

Solver and Other Improvements

  1. In almost all cases SysCAD solves projects faster despite the fact that additional calculations and tests are performed in streams, unit models and the network solver.
  2. Significant improvements in Audit Page, including re-organisation of the access window.
  3. Implemented option to set pressure ("OperatingP") in all Mass Separation Models as well as most other unit models.
  4. Implemented consistent behaviour and options for "extra" or "unexpected" vapours in all Mass Separation Models as well as all other unit models.
  5. All unit models belong to an area model. Every project will automatically have one "Global Area". The user may insert other area models, which in turn will belong to the Global Area.
  6. A tear stream is used for convergence of a recycle. In 9.1 these were shown as QiI pages in pipes. In 9.2 there are no QiI pages, instead there is a separate object that can be accessed from pipes that have tears, but can also be accessed from the new graphics symbol ("chevron" like graphics symbol) automatically shown on pipes.
  7. Range Check options and usability has been extended. These are configured in Plant Model.
  8. Simplified the list of set state or solver actions available. Single Reset action for ProBal and a few actions such as Empty & Reset for Dynamic.
  9. Simplified and renamed from three to two main COM Automation interfaces. The new .tlb files are installed and registered.

Dynamic Mode: Solver and Other Improvements

  1. Spill reporting has been improved in the Audit page of units and a new spill summary in any individual Area and PlantArea models.
  2. A range of accumulation or totaliser tags and statistics are available with stream properties in Qo/QFeed/QProd/etc pages.
  3. Significantly extended the Steady State Monitor (or "Change Monitor") used to determine if behaviour in units (with or without surge) and pipes has reached steady state.
  4. Implemented runtime statistics page (View|Runtime Statistics menu option) for analysis of solver time on different models.

Further changes, fixes or improvements

  1. The VLE calculation in the flash tank is independent of the pressure of the inlet streams.
  2. Improved VLE display (for example the VLE page for the Flash Tank).
  3. Removed use of MinSolidsCp in Alumina 3 Bayer Species Model.
  4. Minor improvements to the Precipitation3 thermal override option and added White-Bateman Yield method.
  5. Improving handling of vapours in closed tanks in dynamic mode.
  6. Various unit model improvements such as improved warning messages, new options and additional result fields in many of the unit models.
  7. Improved display of reaction extents.
  8. Enthalpy values, heat capacities and densities of gases are now more correctly evaluated at the partial pressure of the species, rather than the total pressure.
  9. Enthalpy values and heat capacities for water and steam have been improved slightly to match the IAPWS-97 standard.
  10. Small error of 0.01 in the conversion from deg C to deg K has been corrected.
  11. The hard-wired atomic masses of the elements have been improved and are now based on a single reference.
  12. Hard-wired many of the common engineering conversion units.
  13. General controller PGM files are placed in a controls sub folder of the project.
  14. Now uses updated Crypkey 7.1 for licensing.
  15. Rearranged where some of the user settings are saved.
  16. Various SysCAD Projects Files name changes have been implemented.

Simplifications; rearrangement of options; and discontinued functionality Objective to improve usability and reduce support queries.

  1. The "Flows" tab pages in feeders have been renamed to "QProd" for consistency with other models.
  2. Standard Temperature hard wired to 25°C.
  3. Can no longer use conversion units which contain a specie name as part of the conversion name.
  4. Can no longer use property overrides (Density, BPE, Cp, etc).
  5. Partial pressures are always used for VLE.
  6. Can not input data in a feeder (or tank content) on a volume (or volume fraction) basis.
  7. Changed tag for pressure method from PBPress to "OperatingP" which is used in models such as ties, tanks, etc.
  8. Can no longer use Saturation for PBPressure (OperatingP) method in models such as ties, tanks, etc.
  9. PID Controller: Removed the seldom used Original (PID2) method. Also added a separate option to select if a setpoint tag will be used, making the PID access window setpoint use much clearer.
  10. Exit Rules on Dynamic Tanks simplified.
  11. Removed some old or rarely used unit models.
  12. Removed some old conversion types which have since been replaced.


Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.2 Build 131.6369

  • Build 7460: Fix crash when using Excel TagSelect reports with errors in select syntax.
  • Build 7383: Fix for BPE use in feeder when using saturated liquid.
  • Build 7346: Fix for issue with FinalConc method in simultaneous reactions.
  • Build 6944: Improved implementation of encrypted pgm and rct files as described in File Encryption Service.
  • Build 6906: Add LMTDFactor option to Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 2.
  • Build 6877: Improved Precipitation3 model reporting of energy terms. Fixed temperature drop heatloss option.
  • Build 6577: Added new functionality for recycle streams in the Falling Film Evaporator 2.
  • Build 6568: Fix for error introduced in Build 6530 where tanks with heat exchange connected did not recover on project load.
  • Build 6557: Improve display of multi-line "memo" fields in access windows.
  • Build 6548: Improvements for Downtime and Scheduled Events dynamic models.
  • Build 6544: Improved SSA Quality management. Importantly SSA.SetData as a user option has been removed, instead to change SSA data, user must select the "Modify" option for "SzSSAAct". Pipes with any quality action that is "Create", "Remove" or "Modify" can now not be simplified.
  • Build 6537: Added new menu item "Window|Centre On Monitor" which will move and if necessary reset and resize windows so that they are visible on closest monitor. Shortcut is Ctrl+Shft+C.
  • Build 6492: Further improvements in dynamic behaviour when setting individual Actions (eg Empty, Preset, etc).
  • Build 6488: Fixed error for new van't Hoff BPE method where data was not cleared between project loads leading to incorrect BPE results.
  • Build 6482: Changed Bayer feed calculator tag from 'Calc' to 'BayerCalc' to prevent tag clash with user calculations.
  • Build 6473: Improved phase change (eg solubility) logic and messages, for example when solvent is not present.
  • Build 6455: Fix for crash when closing Explorer window (or closing project).
  • Build 6449: For dynamic, fixed errors when user changes temperature or specie masses for tank contents.
  • Build 6439: For dynamic, improved the model logic for the different set Action options. Updated the Dynamic Info Access window and dynamic options dialog where the actions to be applied at solver start are specified.
  • Build 6426: Improved behaviour for setting mass fractions of species by phase.
  • Build 6418: Improved graphics erase when using alternate colour schemes.
  • Build 6406: Improved Explorer window for navigating pages and models.


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 131 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.