Project Command Summary 9.3

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Navigation: User Guide -> Menu Commands 9.3 -> Project Command Summary

This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136.

Project Command Icon Shortcut Key Brief Description Full Documentation Link
Settings SettingsButton.png Used to adjust the project settings for the current project. NOTE: solver mode cannot be adjusted with this command. See Project Settings for more information.
Solver Setup ProbalDynSettingsButton.png Used to set methods and options for Steady State or Dynamic projects. See Solver Setup - Steady State Projects OR Solver Setup - Dynamic Projects for more information.
Update Behaviour Updates behaviour of current project. See Update Behaviour for more information.
Find Changes Used to compare the currently loaded project to the saved version of the same project. See Find Changes for more information.
Compare Projects Used to compare two projects for its differences in tags and values. See Compare Projects for more information.