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Warning! Page you're reading is outdated or was archived and very likely is referring to older version of the software. Please navigate to the most recent version instead.

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This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136 only. For SysCAD 9.3 Build 137 or later, please see Plant Model - System.


This tab page on the Plant Model Access Window lists the SysCAD version and Project information, useful for reporting.

To Access the SysCAD version or build number in PGM or Model Procedure (MP) files, please see Plant Model Class.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description / Calculated Variables / Options

SysCAD Version Information

VersionOnly Display Displays the current SysCAD version and build.
Version Display Displays the current SysCAD version and build and also the Build Date.
MajorBuildNo Display Displays the current major build number.
BuildNo Display Displays the current minor build number.
BuildDate Display Displays the build date only.

License Information

Folder Display Displays the folder where the SysCAD License (used) is stored.
Description / Desc Display Displays the License information
AddOns Display Displays the available SysCAD addOns
Extra Display Displays the available extra dlls, usually client based.


PrjName Display Displays the Project name only.
PrjFolder Display Displays the Project folder path.
PrjFile Display Displays the project file path.
CfgFile Display Displays the Configuration files path.


DateAndTime Display Current Time and Date.
Time1970 Display Time in seconds with starting time being 1/1/1970.
OrigPrjFileVer Display Internal version number of the version of SysCAD that was used to create the project.
PrjFileVer Display Internal version number of the version of SysCAD that the project was last saved in.