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Navigation: View Commands Summary 9.3 -> Plant Model 9.3 -> Plant Model - Flowsheets

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This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136 only. For SysCAD 9.3 Build 137 or later, please see Plant Model - Flowsheets.


This tab page gives a list of graphics pages associated with the project. It is built dynamically after a project load. The main purpose of this is to allow the user to activate/deactivate a graphics page externally through the use of macros.

NOTE: The pages are sorted alphabetically during project loading time. Any changes to the graphics name, adding or deleting of graphics page may not show up properly until the project is saved, closed and re-opened.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description / Calculated Variables / Options
Graphics Flowsheets
PageCount Display Total number of flowsheets in the project.
Page Active Name TagName
Page index numbers,
  • The page index numbers can be used in the Tagselect reports to pinpoint a specific page.
Tickbox, Activates/deactivates flowsheet.
  • To activate / deactivate flowsheets via external files (such as MS Excel), please use tags listed under the next section.
The Graphics Page Name
  • Pages are sorted on project load time.
  • Pages are sorted alphabetically.
  • Page name change would not be shown in correct order until project is reloaded.
The Graphics Page Name with no spaces, they are used to substitute into the graphics string in the section below.
Graphics Flowsheets Listed by Tagname
Page[TagName].Active Tickbox Activates/deactivates flowsheet.
  • Recommend using these tags to activate/deactivate graphics pages in external packages (such as MS Excel macro).
  • These tag names will remain valid if new flowsheets are added or other flowsheets are deleted.
  • The tag name will require updating in the external file if the flowsheet name is changed.
NOTE:Pages are sorted in alphabetical order.
Sort is only applied at project save, close and re-open.