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Warning! Page you're reading is outdated or was archived and very likely is referring to older version of the software. Please navigate to the most recent version instead.

Navigation: User Guide -> Plant Model

FlwSolve Tab Settings Tab Project Tab RC Tab Species Tab Views Tab Soluble Tab WaterQuality Tab
Qualities Tab Environment Tab System Tab Flowsheets Tab Status Tab Statistics Tab States Tab Globals Tab

This page is for SysCAD 9.3 Build 136. For SysCAD 9.3 Build 137 or later, please see Plant Model.

Command Button: IconPlantModel.png
The Command Path: View - Plant Model
Alternate method: SysCAD background Right Click Popup Menu.

The Plant Model Access Window gives the user access to a number of useful global settings for the project, as well as information about the system and the project.
There are a number of tab pages in the Plant Model access window, these are:

  1. FlwSolve Tab - Allows Access to: Spill and Vents reporting; Global Demand Configuration and Stop On Error and PGM Time out settings
  2. Settings Tab - Allows access to: Closure and Audit Settings; Species selection for Component Mass Balance (on unit operation basis); and Direct Link and Display Configurations Settings.
  3. Project Tab - Allows user specified global values to be used in Custom Calculations and PGM files; also allows the execution of a SetTag List report at the solution building stage the project.
  4. RC Tab - Allows access to Range Checks
  5. Species Tab - Allows access to: Calculation method selection; VLE, Density and BPE option settings; Standard Properties Model selections (BPE and Density Correction); and Species count information.
  6. Views Tab - Allows the user to add or remove information: Additional Properties Options; Material View Options (additional information on the species view tab); and Additional Display Comments.
  7. Soluble Tab - Allows the user to enable or disable Global Solubility and set the Solubility displays.
  8. WaterQuality Tab - Allows access to global water quality parameters. Only visible if the 'WaterQuality' properties option is selected on the Views Tab.
  9. Qualities Tab - Allows access to additional qualities specification, based on selections made in the project configuration file. These may include: LockUp; Material Tracking; Size Distributions and Specific Surface Area (SSA) .
  10. Environment Tab - Allows access to additional qualities specification, based on selections made in the project configuration file. These may include: Project Configuration Temperature & Pressure and Ambient and Environment Conditions;
  11. System Tab - Allows access some SysCAD Version, SysCAD License and Project information. Useful for reporting.
  12. Flowsheets Tab - Gives a list of graphics pages associated with the project. It is built dynamically after a project load. The main purpose of this is to allow user to activate/deactivate a graphics page externally through the use of macros.
  13. Status Tab - Displays the message window status and the maximum error reported for the project.
  14. Statistics Tab - Displays the Statistics for solver speed, processor usage, memory usage and so on.
  15. States Tab - Displays the Statistics for the time that the solver spends in different states, eg. ready, solving, stopping, paused. In Build 137 or later, more detail is shown on the Plant Model - States - Full Detail tab.
  16. Globals Tab - This page allows user to change global properties methods if available. This only applies to non-standard species models such as Alumina or Potash.
  17. Info Tab - This is a common tab page for all access windows.