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How to navigate SysCAD Help

Where you see text like this, it means there is a link to elsewhere if you need it. Holding your mouse over the link will often show you where a link will take you. These links mean that articles do not need to cover common ground in depth; instead, you are always one click away from more information on any point that has a link attached.

Sidebar (left)

To the side of each page are some standard options for navigation, and for tools:

Navigation options include:

  • Main Page - the SysCAD Wiki online Documentation home page.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, a useful reference for commonly asked questions about using SysCAD.
  • Recent changes - articles that are being edited at this moment
  • Random article - lucky dip, if you're ever bored or want to learn something new!
  • Help - what you are looking at now.
  • SysCAD Website - The home page for the SysCAD website.

Searching SysCAD Help

To find an article in the SysCAD documentation, type some keywords in the search box and select Go or Search.

Other search engines can also be used to search the SysCAD Wiki site ( For example, using google search, add after the keywords. For example to search for "vapour pressure" enter "vapour pressure".

Editing Contents of SysCAD Help

If you have a login and password, you can edit the contents of the help document. For help on editing SysCAD wiki goto SysCAD Help Editing