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Navigation: User Guide -> Menu Commands 9.3 ->Tools Command Summary 9.3 -> General Options 9.3

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General Options mouse.png
  • Default 1 and Default 2 buttons will cause the defaults as described in the table below to be used (The above window shows Default 1).
  • The table below describes each action:
Group Action Description Default1.png Default2.png
Button Small 1.png
Graphics Mouse Button
Unit Quick View Open the Temporary Quick View window of the selected unit. Left click Left click
Unit Quick View & Pin Open the Permanent Quick View window of the selected unit. Control + Left click Control + Left click
Unit Quick View & Merge Open the Multiple Units Quick View window of the selected unit. Control + Shift + Left click Control + Shift + Left click
Find Connected Feeder Find and display the Access Window of the Feeder-Cross Page Connector connected to the selected Feeder. Double Left click Double Left click
Model Actions Menu Open the Unit Pop-up Access Window of the selected unit. Shift + Left click Right Click
Access Closest Unit Open the Access Window of the closest unit. The Access Window allows you view the unit's mathematical model information. Once the Access Window is opened, you can view and enter configuration data as required. Right click Shift + Left Click
Access Menu Display the pop-up Access Menu. This allows you to either manipulate the nearest unit or access some Global commands via the Pop-up Access Menu on Graphics Window. Control + Right click Control + Right click
Access Closest Unit (2nd) Open the Access Window of the closest unit as the 2nd Access window. You may have up to 2 Access windows open at any time. Shift + Right click Shift + Right click
Add Tag to Clipboard Add the tag of the selected unit to the clipboard. The user may add as many unit tags as required. This is useful when setting up Excel Reports, as described in Obtaining Equipment & Pipe List for the Report Generation Control + Shift + Right click Control + Shift + Right click
Toggle Principle State This will change the state of a unit that has an On/Off, Run/Stop or Open/Closed state, i.e. Pumps, Valves, etc. No default No default
Button Small 2.png
Graphics Mouse Wheel
Wheel Action None Mouser Wheel has no assigned function.
Scroll Mouser Wheel Scroll up/down the graphics page with the turning motion. HINT: This is the recommend action. Use Ctrl + Mouse wheel for zoom.
Zoom Mouser Wheel zooms in/out of the graphics page with the turning motion.
Speed slider bar Slowest SpeedSlider.png Fastest
Shift Key Allows Fast Zoom Pressing Shift while turning the mouse wheel will increase the speed of scroll/zoom.
Multiplier slider bar None SpeedSlider.png xTimes, visible when Shift Key Allows Fast Zoom option is selected.
Reverse Zoom Direction Changes the zoom in and out direction of the mouse wheel, i.e. user will roll the Mouse wheel away from them to zoom OUT and visa versa for zooming in.
ResetToDefault.png Reset to Default Pressing this button will reset all Options on the current tab to default settings.