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Changes in SysCAD 9.3 Build 137

  • Build 137 is the first significant Build for SysCAD 9.3, first officially released on 31st October 2017.
  • See What's New for a list of new features and changes in Build 137.
  • For notes on upgrading from SysCAD 9.2 Build 135 to Build 136 or Build 137 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.3
  • For notes on upgrading from earlier Builds to Build 137 see Upgrading Builds.

Expiry Dates for software licenses

When using a software license, each Build has a built-in expiry date that will prevent use after this date. This expiry date does not apply to USB License Keys. For two months ahead of the expiry the user is given a warning message, and for one month an extra dialog, to update to the most recent supported update. After expiry the user is given an "Error 733" requiring an update. This is simply resolved by updating from an old copy to the latest update for the Build (if staying with the same version); or the user can upgrade to the next version/build; or the user can use a USB License Key.

Expiry dates if using software license management:

  • Build 137.23150 or later - 25 March 2020
  • Build 137.22530 to 137.23149 - 25 September 2019
  • Build 137.21471 to 137.22529 - 25 March 2019
  • Build 137.21470 or earlier - 25 October 2018

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.3 Build 137.21484 (listed from the most recent to oldest)

  • Build 23424: Fix for PlantModel Environment air composition changing between loads of different projects.
  • Build 23389: Fix for memory leak in graphics.
  • Build 23364: Some reductions in memory use by a project.
  • Build 23292: Fix for crash in data historian when not recording any tags and historian file size is large.
  • Build 23155: Fix for RB with RHX FinalT option where FinalT was equal to feed T.
  • Build 23274: Reduction in memory use by FEM Reactor.
  • Build 23104: Support a larger number of species with PSD data.
  • Build 22938: Fix for RB Elemental Concentration extent method which was incorrectly excluding mass of the element in species that were not included in the reaction. IMPORTANT: This change will affect results where ElemConc reaction extent method is used and there is mass for the element of interest in species not participating in the reaction.
  • Build 22713: Updated tests and warning messages for errors with RB reaction extent and source species.
  • Build 22663: Fix for stream liquid phase density calculation using density correction function when stream has aqueous species but no water. Was showing zero for density.
  • Build 22588: Fix for crash in reversible reaction in RB with single product species that is also a recycle/source species.
  • Build 22536: Fix for RB with source in case where extent cannot be achieved, which was then reacting nothing but now reacts as far as possible.
  • Build 22533: License administration support for new USB Keys.
  • Build 22514: Don't create unnecessary temporary backup file in user temp folder of cfg while loading a project. This caused a conflict when editing a cfg file and opening a project in a second instance of SysCAD.
  • Build 22518: Improved displays and feedback in Crusher2 for various methods, including warnings when no PSD in feed.
  • Build 22473: Fix for Hydrocyclone User Curve and User d50 methods where specified UFSolidFracReqd (or UFSolidConc25Reqd) was not achieved due to incorrect separation of liquids. This fix may affect results for Hydrocyclone using these specific combination of options.
  • Build 22458: Fix for Evaporator with internal Heater where too much steam is supplied to internal heater resulting in an energy imbalance error being reported.
  • Build 22424: For PSD DSz tab page in a feeder, improved logic to retain user data when changing between different input methods.
  • Build 22400: For project using multiple sieve series definitions, fix errors in Hydrocyclone and Crusher2; including improved user feedback of sieve series used.
  • Build 22341: Improved OLI status feedback and condition reporting.
  • Build 22293: Force user specified PlantModel Ambient temperature to be in the project temperature range. Implemented the same logic for T_Reqd inputs in a few unit models that did not already have this test.
  • Build 22273: Improved Crusher2 display for Ascending or Descending PSD display.
  • Build 22251: Added option for OLI Reactor to display Ionic outlet stream composition.
  • Build 22205: Improved implementation of Dynamic Steady State Monitor and Run to Steady State
  • Build 22188: Fix for dynamic where in some cases the project did not run correctly when some pages are inactive.
  • Build 22173: Implemented functionality for using Laliberte density method in Standard species model. Improved display for apparent density correction in $SDB species properties and in streams.
  • Build 22153: Fix for memory leak when using command scripts.
  • Build 22136: Fix in Crusher2 for Vogel selection method.
  • Build 22127: Implement option in OLI add-on to only use license during solve.
  • Build 22107: Restore display of condition warnings in reaction block if species without Hf/Cp is used in a reaction.
  • Build 22081: Improved functionality for change tag and specifying tag during insert unit or link. Better feedback on tag naming errors and easier to correct.
  • Build 22071: Implement support for string tag in graphics annotation block.
  • Build 22049: Improved save/recover of SysCAD window sizes and positions on different PC displays with different DPI support.
  • Build 22043: Implemented new Bayer Calculator option for managing other liquid phase species.
  • Build 22030: Fix for crash in reactions for option for calculating required species estimates.
  • Build 22018: Exclude DirectLinks of type Spill, etc from find tags result.
  • Build 22012: Fix for PGM TagSelect error for returning tags
  • Build 21979: Added Evaluation blocks to the Feed Stream of Batch Centrifuge, Disk Centrifuge and Drum Filter. These models have also been moved from the Separ1.dll to the Separation.dll
  • Build 21858: Implement support for multiple OLI ChemModels in same project.
  • Build 21844: For custom species models (eg Alumina, Sugar and Potash) where the stream has both liquids and vapours present, the vapour part of the mixture density calculation was inconsistent with normal method for calculating overall density. This fix may result in changes in project results if measured volume flow from stream has vapours and slurry present is used.
  • Build 21842: Correction in 5th significant digit for atomic weight of Manganese (Mn). This may result in small changes in project results.
  • Build 21836: Fix for RB reactant estimates not being updated correctly.
  • Build 21830: Significant improvements in Tear management and display: Correctly save and recover settings; New option to allow setting of individual tear variable settings; Improved feedback of when global values are not being used and added buttons to reset to use global values; Tears access window display improvements.
  • Build 21828: Fix for multi-component VLE with user K values to take into account noncondensables and inerts.
  • Build 21798: Improved reporting of multiple solubility curves for a species in $SDB.
  • Build 21776: For dynamic project trend window, fix display of start and end times.
  • Build 21760: Implement new Graphics Flowsheet Group Operations dialog for performing various actions on multiple graphics pages.
  • Build 21755: Remove "Models" tab page from Project window and "Active Pages" tab page from Solver Setup dialog. This functionality is available in new Group Operations dialog.
  • Build 21729: Further fixes and improvements in Explorer window.
  • Build 21699: Fix for crash in FEM where there is a non-standard species in a different phase.
  • Build 21663: Implement new VpAntBar vapour pressure equation.
  • Build 21661: Fix for occasional crash in Explorer window. Usually caused by an action updating the graphics windows or models.
  • Build 21658: Implement option for user to assign a SubType for PGM class definitions so that these can subsequently be used in TagSelect Engine.
  • Build 21646: Improved display in #SDB species properties on H2O page and Vapours page.
  • Build 21640: Use minimum pressure of 0.6112kPa rather than previous 1.0kPa in Feeder and similar. Improved behaviour and results for water properties at and below 0.6112kPa.
  • Build 21617: Implement stricter model tag naming rules by not allowing four more symbols in tag names (\ ' " and ;). Give error message at project load if any models contain illegal tags.
  • Build 21616: Fix for Copy and Paste of graphics with model configuration, where configuration data was often missing on paste.
  • Build 21607: Add new "Mass Pull & Recovery" RecoveryMethod to Flotation Cell model.
  • Build 21601: Implement new option in SplitFlows "Demand Mass Flow" option to allow user to optionally specify total demand.
  • Build 21600: Miscellaneous RB display improvements, improved limit calculations and fix for error in Ratio Extent method to be same as Build136.
  • Build 21593: Fix for occasional crash or lockup, usually during project close.
  • Build 21575: Implemented PGM (and MP) Trigonometric functions asin(), acos(), atan(), radians() and degrees().
  • Build 21550: Improvements, fixes and tag changes in new reaction Limits functionality.

Changes in SysCAD 9.3 Build 136

  • Build 136 is the first significant Build for SysCAD 9.3, first officially released on 12th November 2015.
  • See SysCAD 9.3 Release Notes for a list of new features and changes in Build 136.
  • For notes on upgrading from Build 135 to Build 136 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.3
  • For notes on upgrading from earlier Builds to Build 135 see Upgrading Builds.

Expiry Dates for software licenses

When using a software license, each Build has a built-in expiry date that will prevent use after this date. This expiry date does not apply to USB License Keys. For two months ahead of the expiry the user is given a warning message, and for one month an extra dialog, to update to the most recent supported update. After expiry the user is given an "Error 733" requiring an update. This is simply resolved by updating from an old copy to the latest update for the Build (if staying with the same version); or the user can upgrade to the next version (eg Build 137 or newer); or the user can use a USB License Key.

Expiry dates if using software license management:

  • Build 136.22546 or later - 15 September 2019
  • Build 136.21476 to 136.22545 - 25 January 2019
  • Build 136.20983 to 136.21475 - 25 October 2018
  • Build 136.20254 to 136.20982 - 25 May 2018
  • Build 136.19465 to 136.20253 - 25 February 2018
  • Build 136.18874 to 136.19464 - 25 August 2017
  • Build 136.18873 or earlier - 25 June 2017

Important updates after first release of SysCAD 9.3 Build 136.18340 (listed from the most recent to oldest)

  • Build 22546: License administration including support for new USB Keys.
  • Build 21379: Fix for copy & paste of tag position in graphics.
  • Build 21365: License administration support for new USB Keys.
  • Build 21365: Fix for issues related to SpModel.Reqd in projects with multiple species property models.
  • Build 21321: Fix for crash during load scenario.
  • Build 21140: Fix for Evap block use of temperature limit for fraction method.
  • Build 20998: Fix for significant memory leak (not freeing temporary memory used) during project save.
  • Build 20899: Fix for RB with Recycle (but not Source) species where recycle is insufficient to meet reaction extents.
  • Build 20615: For dynamic, implemented fix where tank tried to set flow in outlet pipe that is switched off.
  • Build 20586: Don't allow pipes to be simplified when specifying SpModel.Reqd on Qi page.
  • Build 20586: Fix for copy and paste of tank configuration when using outlet port filters.
  • Build 20243: Fix for Access window printing.
  • Build 20133: Fix for Data Transfer not coping all the tag values for larger unit models where all fields are selected.
  • Build 20120: Fix for occasional failure for graphics copy and paste with configuration where strings were not always copied.
  • Build 20113: Fix for occasional lockup (freeze) in multithreading.
  • Build 20110: Improved dynamic mode display of tear convergence.
  • Build 20071: Fix for intermittent bad solution in simultaneous reactions. Because of uninitialised memory the simultaneous reaction solver can randomly occasionally fail which in a large project can cause a discontinuity.
  • Build 20044: Fix for crash on graphics page activate/deactivate.
  • Build 20035: Add option to SolventExtraction Isotherm to load or save curve data to csv file.
  • Build 20017: Correction in Hydrocyclone for calculating feed volume fraction used in Krebs method when using Alumina properties model.
  • Build 20013: Improved error reporting when makeup blocks are not connected to valid makeup source. Fix in dynamic where makeup in feeder did not give correct flow in first step.
  • Build 20012: Added new option to set display numeric precision for full reaction description field.
  • Build 20000: Fix for Potash BPE when zero KCl and non-zero NaCl.
  • Build 19976: Fix for intermittent error where direct links are sometimes not shown when adding makeup blocks.
  • Build 19935: Fix in Krebs method for old Cyclone and new Hydrocyclone unit models where factor C1 was incorrectly calculated because of using incorrect Cv (Feed solids volume concentration) by factor of 100. C1 in turn effects d50 calculation which drives the separation. NOTE: Hydrocyclone uses correct Cv in equation so may affect results if Krebs method for Hydrocyclone was used. Old Cyclone model allows selection of old or corrected calculation so that tuned existing projects give same results as before.
  • Build 19901: Significant improvements in PlantModel statistics timers for Application State (solver, etc timers).
  • Build 19842: Implemented some fixes in Material Tracking when changing the number of species or material IDs to track.
  • Build 19853: Mix for increasing memory use (memory not freed) in Message window.
  • Build 19793: Simplified and reworked how setting of required SpModel is made in Feeders, Pipes, etc. Added SpModel.Used tag to clearly show what SpModel is in use.
  • Build 19789: Fixes for graphics page activation/de-activation from PGM during startup.
  • Build 19749: Improved copy and paste between Access windows if extra columns or space is selected.
  • Build 19651: Fix for occasional multi-thread crash or crash on project close.
  • Build 19647: Improved Tie split flows tolerance testing to not output tiny flows in last outlet when expecting zero flow.
  • Build 19584: For dynamic mode, implemented new option in $Solver to select setting of T and P in all pipes that have no flow.
  • Build 19577: Improvements and fixes for Transmitter control model.
  • Build 19567: Improved functionality for setting property overrides for steam and water in PlantModel on Species page.
  • Build 19543: Added stream tags for AqDissQm and AqQm.
  • Build 19490: Added functionality to allow activating or deactivating of graphics pages from PGM code using new Sub InitialisePreStart().
  • Build 19486: Added new PGM trigger function InitialisePreStart().
  • Build 19480: Fix for Precipitator3 not recovering in converged state at project load.
  • Build 19312: Implemented new Falling Film Evaporator(4) unit model.
  • Build 19191: Improved some save and recover of PSD data in feeders with composition fetch.
  • Build 19147: Implemented IF97_2 Steam Cp and Steam Density correlations that have improved Region 5 (ie above 1073K) functionality. Warning message given if using old correlations.
  • Build 19068: Improved vapour entropy with correction for pressure.
  • Build 19059: Improved dynamic tank level control with filters.
  • Build 19055: New PID list in Controls.
  • Build 19005: For SysCAD Marshal (OPC Client) set values in OPC Server on scenario load.
  • Build 18983: For SysCAD OPC Server set values in OPC Client on scenario load.
  • Build 18960: Improved Desuperheater in flashtrain to correctly set outlet pressure based on inlet pressure from current iteration.
  • Build 18928: Improved Tear logic for recycles with no flows that were causing unnecessary additional iterations.
  • Build 18879: Improved visibility and functionality for multiple Solubility curves.
  • Build 18852: Remove XYLib.dll.
  • Build 18813: Fix for data entry for WashLoss curve in Belt Filter and Isotherm curve in Solvent Extraction.
  • Build 18803: Implement Change Tag in referenced text files for SetTagList, GetTagList, Profile, Queue Profile and Events control models.
  • Build 18796: Fix for errors in editing species property functions in Species Database Editor.
  • Build 18772: Allow comments in text file for SetTagList and GetTagList control models.
  • Build 18750: New FEM Reactor functionality for (a) specifying heat loss and (b) defining lockup fractions of feed species where lockup portion acts as inert.
  • Build 18729: Don't allow unit tags beginning with (;) and (") in addition to existing restriction of (=) and (').
  • Build 18709: Expanded options for when to set tags in Set Tag List Controller.
  • Build 18669: Added command line options to unregister SysCAD COM and OPC.
  • Build 18648: Improved multithreaded evaluation of controls (gives solver speed improvement).
  • Build 18639: Improved steam demand calculation for embedded cooler in Evaporator model. Old method available as an option.
  • Build 18611: Improved responsiveness of Realtime Dynamic projects.
  • Build 18600: Improved warning condition messages for Shell&Tube2 in condensing mode including case where tube outlet temperature is limited. Implemented new restriction to prevent excessive heat loss and vent requirements.
  • Build 18547: Updated dynamic push pull logic for streams exiting tank model. Capacity of outlet pipes can now be set in the tank. Iteration delay removed when using volume flow capacity in transfer push mode.
  • Build 18524: For precipitator heat loss, allow user to use local or global wind speed.
  • Build 18507: Implemented new OPC Server functionality to define list of Alias lookup tags.
  • Build 18484: Improvements in FEM error reporting.
  • Build 18423: Updated new $Solver.AppState and $Solver.AppState.Detail and updating of these tags in OPC Server and OPC Client (SysCAD Marshal).
  • Build 18402: Implemented new Species Database tab page in message window for reporting errors, warnings and information while loading species properties.


  1. The order of the builds listed above is from the most recent to the oldest changes.
  2. The 136 Build numbers above reflect when the improvements or fixes were implemented.
  3. These Builds were not necessarily distributed, only a few of these would have been made available for download.
  4. Some general minor fixes and improvements are not listed.

Changes in SysCAD 9.2

  • Kenwalt no longer provides support for SysCAD 9.2 and earlier versions. If you are using SysCAD 9.2 or any earlier version we encourage you to contact us to discuss the best option to upgrade to a newer version.
  • Kenwalt provides upgrade support for users of the most recent SysCAD 9.2 Build 135, which is the end of series for SysCAD 9.2. We encourage users of SysCAD 9.2 to upgrade to the latest SysCAD 9.3.

SysCAD 9.2 Build 135 is the last release of SysCAD 9.2.

Please see Revision History for SysCAD 9.2 for details on changes in SysCAD 9.2 versions.

Changes in SysCAD 9.1

SysCAD 9.1 Build 127 was first released January 2009 and is the last release of SysCAD 9.1. Build 120 was first version of SysCAD 9.1. SysCAD 9.1 is a discontinued version.

Changes in SysCAD 9.0

SysCAD 9.0 Build 115 is the last release of SysCAD 9.0. Discontinued version.

Changes in SysCAD 8.2 and earlier

SysCAD 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 are discontinued versions.