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This Page is for SysCAD 9.3, for SysCAD 9.2, please see Frequently Asked Questions 9.2

FAQ - Installation related questions

  1. What I do if I get "Unable to execute file: \SysCAD93\bin\SysCADMarshal93.exe" during installation
  2. What do I do if I get a "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect" message?
  3. What do I do if I get a "The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect....." message?

FAQ - Project related questions

  1. Can Projects be upgraded easily to a new version?
  2. How do I create a new project?
  3. What is a configuration file?
  4. What is in the SysCAD Database file?
  5. How do I add particle size distribution data to a project?
  6. How do I open a new Flowsheet window?
  7. How do I send a project to another user?
  8. How do I open a project sent from another user?
  9. What are referenced files?
  10. How do I create SysCAD reference files, are there any templates available?
  11. How do I change a project from ProBal to Dynamic or vice-versa?
  12. Project Solve Mode Mismatch
  13. My project will not converge, how can I find the problem unit(s)?

FAQ - General questions

  1. Why does it take a long time to check the license?
  2. Why does it take a long time to open or save a project?
  3. How do I check what License I have?
  4. How do I transfer the SysCAD license from one machine to another?
  5. Can I have two projects opened at the same time?
  6. I have a multi-core or multi-processor machine, will I notice a speed increase during solve and can I control how the machine uses the processors?
  7. What are PGM files?
  8. How do I report the graphics window name for a unit?
  9. Why do I get a Warning Message "Reference now refers to"?

FAQ - Species Related questions

  1. How do I add a new compound to the project?
  2. How can I add 'Bound Water' or Ice to a Project?
  3. How can I increase the Cp temperature range of a Species?
  4. I have a user defined species model available, how do I go about changing species models?
  5. Can I perform a mass balance on a selected species easily?
  6. How to check the Elemental Mass Balance easily at the end of project solve?

FAQ - Reactions Related Questions

  1. How can I recycle a species that is produced to an earlier reaction where it is consumed?
  2. Why is my Final Conc or Final Fraction extent requirement not met?
  3. How can I find the values for mass transfer for individual species in a reaction?
  4. How can I find the total reacted amount of a particular species in the project?

FAQ - Flash Train related questions

  1. Why is the display colour of some models dark-blue?
  2. What are macro models?
  3. The LMTD displayed is wrong.
  4. Why is the steam vapour pressure not equal to atmospheric pressure at 100°C?
  5. What is the difference between BPE@T and BPE@P

FAQ - Modelling related questions

  1. How do I join the flows between pages?
  2. Can I select the graphics pages that I want to run?
  3. How do I add or remove particle size distribution data from a Stream?
  4. How do I copy Stream data to a Feeder?
  5. What do the coloured triangles displayed on an Access Window mean?
  6. How can I add Gland Seal water to a Pump in Steady State Mode?
  7. How can I configure a Tank or Tie with Phase or Species split to pass 'Demand' correctly?
  8. How can I set the initial contents of a tank in a Dynamic project?

FAQ - Mass and Energy Balance related questions

  1. Where can I get information for Mass and Energy Balances?
  2. What is the difference between Hs and Hz?

FAQ - Graphics related questions

  1. How can I change the Background Colour of my Graphics?
  2. How can I hide / display all Tags, Change pipe arrow style or fix line breaks?
  3. Where and how are the Graphics Symbols (used for insert unit) stored?
  4. Can I create my own Graphics Symbol (used for insert unit)?
  5. How do I 'Stretch' a Graphics Symbol?
  6. How do I create a Mirror image of a Graphics Symbol?
  7. Can I use a Graphics Symbol other than the default set for the unit operation?
  8. Can I have a drawing border for my flowsheet?
  9. How do I align Graphics Symbols on the Flowsheet
  10. Can I add a title to my flowsheet?
  11. Can I add a table of numbers to my PFD flowsheet?
  12. Can I copy the graphics page as a bitmap?
  13. What do I need to do to import an external drawing?
  14. How can I manipulate the graphical representation of models?

FAQ - Trend Window Questions

  1. Every time I run the project, the trend data restarts. How do I stop this happening?
  2. How to fix warning "Slots expected in ID sequence"

FAQ - PGM Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I find the values for Saturated Steam or Water?
  2. What is the difference between GetTag(), SetTag() and GetDynTag() and SetDynTag() and when do you use them?
  3. How do I enter an equation of the form y = -x?
  4. How do I avoid a 'Divide by Zero' error?
  5. How do I set values in CheckBoxes and DropDown lists?
  6. How do I assign a value range to a defined variables?
  7. How do I assign a starting value to newly defined variables?